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Salzburg (AT), Oval

The first of November is a special public holiday in Austria called “Allerheiligen“ followed by „Allerseelen“ on the second of November. It is a time spent with family remembering the ones who are not with us anymore. Playing the songs of Schuberts Winterreise during this time makes a lot of sense and we had the chance to do so at „Oval“ in Salzburg. Thank you to wonderful Miss Margret Stronegger for inviting us to play at this beautiful venue. This time with us Mister Mario Rom on trumpet, oh how much I love playing our version of Schuberts Winterreise with him. When he plays „Mut“ it is simply unbelievable!!! Mr T (Thomas Egger) helped us finding our sound on was not that easy, the room is beautiful but tricky regarding the sound ; ), we had a concentrated sound check and managed to get comfortable with the conditions on stage...thank you Mister T! Backstage we had enough time to strengthen ourselves with all the tasty food that was prepared for us like „Schnitzel“, potato salad, „Topfengolatsche“ and much moooore! We started at 19:30 and enjoyed our set every step of the way. The band was cookin‘ and we were travelin‘ light : )! Hans catching the crowd during his solo times, Ingrid O showing all of her thousand thythmical colours, mathias taking care of the harmonic essence of his arrangements and Mario doing his magic on trumpet…time flew by, we played Post as an encore with Ingridis Cajon Solo and I made my first appearance on cowbell : )!And I had another „First“ last night, I forgot my lyrics during the „Leiermann“!!!!Can you imagine, they were still there during our soundcheck, but suddenly they were gone…and it took me a little while - til the second verse - to find them again…!!!Now they‘re back again: “Drüben hinterm Dorfe steht ein Leiermann und mit starren Fingern dreht er was kann, barfuss auf dem Eise wankt er hin und her und sein kleiner Teller bleibt ihm immer leer“ Our charming audience was very supportive and extremely attentive from the very start and I can only say thank you to each and everyone for coming out and traveling with us!And a special thank you goes out to Harald Tautscher from Lotus Records, the one we trust with our music and who‘s support is indispensable for us!!!Thank you Harald!!! Miss Margret Stronegger took us out to dinner and shared her insider knowledge of Salzburg with us...from„Oval“, the traffic in Salzburg to the plants that are part of the development of this historic city. And thank you for stopping the traffic and inspiring us to do our U – Turn : )! We all got back to our hotel „Kohlpeter“ had one more drink contiuned talking, this time starting about stamp albums and ending with a hot discussions about the Koran.

There‘s so much left to talk about...there‘s so much left to find know what they say:

„The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.“

Michel LeGrand

Yours Lia

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