Studio Powerplay (CH) recording session "my poet's love"

"Even if my song is simple it still drives away my fear."Heine

"What more do you want, my love?" Rilke

"I live my life in growing circles, that spread out across all things." Rilke

"I could believe, I see myself in everything around;" Rilke

"Sun and moon and stars they laugh" Heine

"Give me a little bit more time: I want to love all things like no one else" Rilke

"I am at home between day and dream."Rilke

"We rested at each other’s hearts as we joked and laughed." Heine

"One who for the first time loves, although rejected, is a God" Heine

"To what extent leads my life and where begins the night?" Rilke

"You left me in a hurry. You had too much to do." Heine


"Gib deine 

Schönheit immer hin, ohne Rechnen und ohne Reden." 

- R.M. Rilke

Original Pictures 
by Lukas Maul