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Hallein (AT), Freysitz - Duo Concert

Our second official Duo concert was coming up, and on Thursday round noon, after a short rehearsal, we packed our bags and went to the trainstation...I forgot my laptop but I had a lot of things on my to do I went back to get it : )...once in a while I tend to forget things : ), so we took the next train, one hour later and arrived in Hallein at 6 pm. We arrived at sunset and headed straight to the Hotel and then straight to our soundcheck. „Freysitz“, the venue is a beautiful room with a brickwall and lots of candles right in the middle of town. We had played in Hallein in before, three years ago with our version of Schuberts Winterreise, and Gerhard Angerer, the organizer was already waiting for us to show us the venue! At this point I wanna say how wonderful it is how the Kulturforum Hallein is keeping the music scene alive, never letting go, always finding places and venues to give all different kinds of music and performers a chance!!!Thank you Gerhard for inviting us!!! From the very beginning we had planned an intimate, private session and that's what it turned out to be : )! I really had the feeling of getting to know each and everyone of you who came out that night : )! It probably was the most personal concert so far...and mathias and I enjoyed playing very much! We played many of my favourite Schumann Songs but also a lot of songs of my poet's love, some songs of the VAO and of course a little bit of Schubert!

The best part was when we all, including the audience, went out to dinner, to the excellent restaurant "Hassl" that served incredible „Blunzen“ as well as „fried fennel“ and „creme brulee“!!! What a great night to talk about music, ascesis vs pleasure and about the Now and Then vs the Here and Now : )!

„You‘ll see that life is still worthwhile – if you just smile“ Ch.Chaplin „Smile“

I hope to see you again sooooon,

Yours Lia!

P.S.: When you're in Hallein, get yourself a cup of coffee at Cafe Kurkuma : )!!!

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