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Hochneukirchen (AT)

With my favourite car in the world, my Saab 9,3, I got mathias and myself to our concert in Hochneukirchen in time. Hans, Ingrid, Fab and our sound engineer for tonight Thomas Egger were already setting up when we got there. mathias took one look at the venue and came running back, all excited because this place blew his mind. It is simply the most beautiful and charming attic in the world. Herbert Figlmüller discovered this place 20 years ago and decided to turn it into this magical venue. In former times this area had to constantly defend itself against different offenders and so it is common that they build fortress churches. So this attic that was turned into a concert hall was the attic of a fortress church. It is a place full of spirit and history and we want to thank Herbert Figlmüller for inviting us and giving us the chance to experience this exclusive venue with the most wonderful audience!!!Also I want to thank you Herbert for repairing my car : ), our secret talk in the back and the strawberries! We had a relaxed soundcheck and enough time for coffee and cake and getting ready for our journey. When I was doing my warm up, I think there was a hot discussion going on between Hans, Ingrid, Fab and mathias about the privatization of water, but I am not sure...!We hit the stage right on time and were welcomed by an incredible audience, I can only say it again and again. Thank you to everyone who shared this evening and night with us!We felt like being part of a secret society traveling together through snow and ice!At this point: thank you to Thomas Egger for taking care of our sound!!! Another great thing about this place is, that the atmosphere is so intimate that you really get to talk and get to know each other after the concert. I was so excited to meet all of you. I couldn't believe, that three charming ladies who watched my final exam at school and are studying voice at the same school decided to come all the way to hear us play!It was a pleasure to meet you!!!And then it happened, I got to know the reincarnation of Brünnhilde and Isolde - no one other than - Miss Brigitte Pinter herself!!!Her energy, her openness...she invited all of us to her home for dinner and champagne. For the first time in my life I had Zucchinispaghetti, mmmmmhhh!!!Dear Brigitte, you inspire me so much, thank you for inviting us to your incredible world and making it possible to spend time with such wonderful people! To cut a long story short: I fell in love. I fell in love with so many people that I am still dizzy. mathias and I decided to stay another night and to take the chance to hear Nik Bärtsch & Sha the next day. mathias and Nik know each other a long time. Once more we spent the evening and night at Miss Pinters home, right by the fire...ending the night with a discussion about different musical worlds...

I am sure we'll meet again soon and I will think of you whenever I smell a "Backhenderl", yours Lia!

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