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Vienna (AT) Porgy & Bess, The Great European Song Book

The Great European Song Book

'Return to the Porgy' always feels familiar and yet never the same. We hadn’t played our European Song Book in a while and hadn’t seen each other for a while too, so there was this feeling of a reunion as well as the feeling of returning to where we started. And no matter how often by now I’ve played at the Porgy, I still have a moment where I remember my very first time, the premiere of gone too far in 2013. A lot has changed since then, tho I still sing some of the same songs and sometimes it even feels like the songs changed less than how much I changed in them, with them, through them. It is a bit like spending time with dear old friends, who have known you for a long time, witness and encouraged your change and whenever you meet them again, it’s like you’re getting to know eachother anew from where you are right now. The longer I sing these songs, the more I realize how much music carries me and how deep songs can inscribe themselves into my very being. On nights like these where life is happening and there is a lot going on for everyone, I realized how much music is grounding me and helping me to connect with myself, my core and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you to Porgy & Bess and Christoph for letting us share our Song Book over and over. Thank you to everyone who came out that night, from close family to dear old friends, to fans coming all the way since 2013 and to so many of you I met for the first time that night. We played 15 songs, 5 by Schubert, 5 by Schumann and 5 by Brahms, fair and square and mathias’ composition ‘the Lydian cow’ as our first encore and of course Schumann’s ‘Mondnacht’ as our second!The band was cookin’ oh my, Hans, Ingrid, mathias and Stano it’s such a pleasure to connect with you each time we share the stage and these songs. I hadn’t played my solo piece ‘the Tavern’ in a while and started doing so again that night, a beautiful arrangement by mathias of Schubert’s Wirtshaus. It meant a lot to me sharing it with you.

‘Then onward, still further, my faithful walking staff’


Yours Lia




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