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Neuburg (DE), Birdland

Oh what a beautiful town!!!It felt like traveling back in time…the incredible castle takes you right back to the Renaissance - unbelievable! Our venue of the night „Birdland“ is located right in the middle of this beautiful old town, at a corner of a tiny little street, you walk down the stairs and there you are - in the middle of the club surrounded by wonderful photographs of everyone who had played there!!! And I think eeeeveryone did : )! I felt blessed to get to be part of this special venue with all its history. Manfred Rehm and his team are bringing musicians to this wonderful town, year after year, keeping live music alive!Robert, who took care of us all day & night, told me that Oscar Peterson chose their piano, can you believe it : )))!!!!We had a relaxed sound check and Thomas Egger got to know his cute mixer and after a short while we felt very comfortable on stage and ready to play. Tonight it was Mister Herwig Gradischnig to my left, playing on tenor and yessss the baritone. Thank youuuu Herwig for your music and your energy (I keep my fingers crossed that your suitcase will find its way back to youuu : ) ) After our dinner with the best asparagus ever!!! we hit the stage…we had a wonderful time…the audience in Neuburg was very charming…open, relaxed and very focused : ). Thank you to everyone who came out that night. I felt so comfortable that I even decided to sing an a cappella encore in the middle of the room without a microphone…it was a very personal moment for me! After the concert we enjoyed the good beer and the warm atmosphere…Hans, Ingrid, mathias you were wonderful, I cannot say it enough, thank you for your incredible dedication…and for making me feel so safe…with a smile on my face and a little dizziness, if you know what I mean ; ), I fell asleep…bonne nuit! Yours Lia

P.S.: the next morning the little dizziness was still there : ) so I was glad to be sitting and resting on the train and I was glad that I brought my sunglasses ; )

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