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Uznach (CH), Rotfarb

„Rotfarb“ in Uznach is a very special venue with very special people aaaand very very special food!!! The Vienna Art Orchestra had played there many times and leading lady Barbara and mathias have known each other for quite some time. Thank you Barbara for the continuing trust and support! Our hotel was in Rapperswil (15 min by car from Uznach) and I have to say this little town is absolutely charming. It has this „Riviera“ touch with the beautiful lake and the original old part of town. If you ever come to Switzerland I suggest you go there and just walk along the lake up to the little castle. Barbara picked us up and drove us to the venue (we passed C.G. Jung’s!!! residence) and in the car we came up with the great idea of getting a band therapist : )!!!Or a masseur : )!!!Anyways we had enough time for coffee and making ourselves comfortable on stage. The sound check went well. We were all kind of tired. Ingridi and I found a quiet place in the attic and to wake up she showed me a part of the so called „gum boot dance“!!!I loved it!!!Thank you Ingridi! I was so focused that I forgot what time it was and I had to to get ready as fast as I could!!! We had a great sound on stage, I could feel and hear Hans, mathias, Mario and Ingrid so well, it was a wonderful feeling to sing and play and play and sing!!!We all were happy with our gig and when we got off stage, we just stood there high on adrenalin, nodding and smiling. Again the audience was extremely focused and although I couldn't see them very well because of all the lights, I knew they were there with us : )!…and so were my cousin and her boyfriend, who came all the way : )!Thank you to everyone who came out that night!!! When you play at „Rotfarb" you know one thing for sure: the incredible team is going to spoil you with their incredible food!!!And thats what happened to us - we enjoyed the wonderful menu they put together and discussions continued from the night before : ) and after a lot of hugs and goodbyes we were taken back to our hotel in Rapperswil by a very kind man who reminded me to check out Ian Anderson and his unique style of playing the flute!!!In Chur it was raining, in Rapperswil it was snowing!!!We took one last drink at the hotel bar and changed our discussion topic from Hader to „who is/was the best James Bond“! At some point before you say good night, you can only accept that everyone has a different favorite : )!!! The next morning Hans, Mario, Thomas and Ingrid went back to Vienna. mathias and I stayed one more day and one more night…the village where mathias grew up was not far, so we were hiking up and down the beautiful snowy hills and I got to see the origins of Mister rüegg in Schiers/GR : )!It was a beautiful day ohhh and before we went back to Vienna I had a real Swiss „Kalbsbratwurst“ at the train station in Zurich…let me tell you: it was goooood : )!!! Thank you Hans, Ingrid, Mario, Thomas and mathias for these wonderful and intense days!

I simply adore Switzerland and I hope to be back very very soon!

Yours Lia!

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