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Wels (AT) - Kleinod Musikfestival

Wös - what can I say, it was wonderful 🧡! I got back to my hometown Wels the day before the concert, so I could get a good night’s sleep and have enough time in the morning to get ready. I was excited and nervous, it is always something very special to play at home, a mixture between joy and excitement - being nervous about people showing up and feeling especially vulnerable to play for close friends and family and people who’ve known me for almost all my life. Horst Sonntagbauer invited us to the Kleinod Musikfestival and I was very excited to play at "Stadttheater Greif" - at the newly renovated and re-opened "Greif". I had my Ballet recitals there when I was a child and played with the brass band of my hometown each year on this stage when I was growing up. So many childhood memories inside these walls!!! We were part of the Kleinod Festival and shared the stage that night with trio Cobario.

We had a combination of early soundcheck and open rehearsal - so we had enough time to get into the groove : ) and this time a new sound engineer was right by our side Mr. Robin - thank youuu for taking care of us. Also I’d like to thank the amazing team of Kleinod Festival and their helping hands and especially Lukas!

We started right on time and I was moved to tears right after the first song seeing all of you, friends, family and familiar faces - the feeling of playing live and experiencing, sharing music together - what a feeling 🧡! mathias chose a very special ending for our first song "The maiden" aka "Die Sennin" by Schumann - an alternate, atonal version : ) that we compared later on with the original version based on sixths 😅. Mario Rom - as always - incredible storyteller on his trumpet. Hans shared a marvelous solo in „The numbers and the dates“ and created block chords on his bass, I swear : )! Ingridi grooved and rocked in her own colourful way as always and mathias really got in the mood during our Schumann - encore - In a wonderful sweet hour. A special thank you from the whole band goes out to my mum who drove us around all day and even got Mario his vegan meal! And whoever knows the „real“ lyrics to the "Radetzky Marsch" - please let me know : )! My mum dropped us at the transtation and mathias and I got on the the night train to Zürich, oh yes, we had the next concert, a Matinee with our Dichterliebe extended at 11:00 near Zürich and we made it in time 😅!

I was so happy to see you all and I can only say


yours Lia


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