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Wädenswil (CH), ArtArena Heubühne

For our Dichterliebe Extended at ArtArena "Heubühne" in Wädenswil we met with the tenor Nino Aurelio Gmündner and pianist Edward Rushton in the beginning of August for rehearsals. The idea of this "Dichterliebe" concert - where the „original“ Lieder by Schumann connect with our versions arranged by mathias rüegg - came from Julian Prégardien. With Nino and Edward we now had the chance to go even further in combining and intertwining our "Dichterliebe" interpretations. We immediately connected during the rehearsals and had time to concentrate on each transition back and forth.

mathias and I took the night train after our concert from my hometown Wels to Zürich the night before our Matinee and yesss we arrived in time and after a short rehearsal and soundcheck we got ready at Philipp Bachofner’s and Brita Ostertag’s incredible home in Wädenswil. I love their house - even though „Büsi“ Lilli ate my Brownie : ) - and their venue „Heubühne“ is an extraordinary place. Thank you so much Philipp and Brita for - once more - inviting us and giving us the chance to share our versions. We were excited to play for a full house and I even had the chance as a special encore before our encore „Mondnacht“ to share my Swiss sentence, that I keep working on, with everyone.

"Miis Grosi sitzt uf da Gigampfi, bachet es Chriesichüechli und lismet s'chäppli fürs Büsi"

It was a pleasure to play with Nino and Edward - thank you both for the music, it was truly inspiring to connect our musical worlds within Schumann’s cycle. After our concert Philipp and Brita had organized an incredible lunch at Restaurant „Eichmühle“ - I almost never take pictures of food but this time I had too, it was beautiful and so so goooood!!!I had a wonderful time and I’d like to say thank you once more to Philipp and Brita for making this „Dichterliebe“ - morning possible.

We sat til late afternoon, talked about music, suits, hats and Harry Potter and found out how we all knew each other without knowing each other : ). It was a pleasure to meet Ninos wonderful family and soprano Emilie Inniger. mathias and I traveled from Wädenswil to Bern and listened to Oliver Schnyder playing Goldberg Variations at Villa Morillon. What a day, what a journey, 24 hours, three citie: Wels, Wädenswil, Bern and 2 concerts: Great European Song Book, & Dichterliebe extended and then one more as a listener: Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

💚 Days of song and train rides 💚

Yours Lia


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