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Chur (CH) - Postremise Jazzchur

Funny story - we all started from different places, different cities, different countries, Vienna, Bratislava and Sierre - Austria, Slovakia and Switzerland - and we all had delayed trains, had to switch from our original travel plan to different ones and still we all magically ended up getting on the exact same train in Sargans! I started my journey from Sierre at 10:53 leaving my Swiss home Villa Ruffieux after having stayed there the whole week in between vineyards, castles and mountains in the French part of Switzerland. I was blessed to have spent an artist residency for 2 months there in 2018 and since then I keep returning to this wonderful place in the Vallée du Rhône.

We all arrived one hour later in Chur than planned but very relieved that we all arrived on the same train and at the same time : ). Mister Rolf Caflisch, the organizer of #jazzchur was already waiting for us to pick us up and show us to the venue and our hotel. We felt comfortable from the very start and the whole team was simply wonderful! Though we had a pretty tight schedule due to our delay, we had a fun and focused soundcheck and with us - back again - our sound magician Thomas Egger. After the soundcheck some of went to have dinner or a quick snack and we got ready to play our favorite songs of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms of our European Song Book.

Half hour before the concert I had a very special meeting with aspiring young singers from "Talentschule Surselva“ who prepared many inspiring and meaningful questions for me and we sat down and talked about the importance of being supported, how to practice, stage fright, singing, different kinds of singing, motivation and much more. It was such a blessing and pleasure to meet you all and I sincerely hope we’ll meet again and I’ll get to hear all of you live one day! Thank you to Christian Müller and Rolf Caflisch for organizing this special get together that inspired me so much for the concert. And they all stayed and listened and I could see every single one of them in the audience!

Oh yes and then we started our concert at „Postremise“ and from the first note we were right there : ). The audience in Chur was absolutely stunning and created a wonderful atmosphere so that the energy felt right from the beginning and everybody gave what they had to give and we all took risks while having our backs! Stano Palúch and his incredible soli, Hans rockin’, Ingridi groovin’ and mathias paintin’ - so I had the chance to fly above and within the songs of Schumann, Schubert and Brahms. Time flew by and we closed with „Märzveilchen“ and my favorite Schumann - ballad „Mondnacht“ THANK YOU CHUR, WE LOVE YOU 💙!

Right after we had the chance to meet many familiar faces as it was already our fifth time in Chur! And for mathias even more, as he played at „Hotel Chur“ in 1971 with his rockband Candlelight where he already arranged a piece by Schumann - and he’s still doing exactly that! How crazy and wonderful!

I’d like to say thank you once more to Rolf, to the whole team, the audience, the singers in the audience and everyone who shared this evening with us!

And alsooo Miss Ingridi had her birthday the day after our concert, so I think our energy while playing maybe also had something to do with that : )! We sat down on the terrace of the closest bar we could find and at midnight we toasted and sang to our master drummer Ingridiii - you rock!!!! Thank you dear Ingridi for your generous heart filled with so much grooviness in all colors!

We stayed up a little later than usual, had one more drink and maybe one more and enjoyed this night all together before we went back to our hotel. And - I can only speak for myself - fell asleep in a second!

What a day, what a night, thank you Chur!

yours Lia

P.S.: You'll find my favourite review of all the reviews I've ever gotten, attached underneath the gallery - written by the young singers from Talentschule Surselva!💙This means the world to me 💙!

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