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Bellmund (CH) - Kulturzentrum La Prairie

What a musical adventure! I took the train from my hometown Wels towards Bern and continued to Biel/Bienne at Bielersee the day before the concert. I stayed there for the night, close to the lake and had time to discover the beautiful old town of Biel. I kept going through the songs in my head, repeating each phrase day in, day out. For the first time ever I sang two pieces by Maurice Ravel ‘Chanson Espagnole’ and ‘Chanson Francaise’ and one by Gabriel Fauré ‘Après un rêve’ - I fell in love with this song…I wish I had recorded it that night and I wish I could sing it again soon. I took the yellow Postauto from Biel to Bellmund 'round noon and met with the one and only Trio Colores – consisting of three incredible percussionists: Fabian Ziegler, Luca Staffelbach and Matthias Kessler. We immediately started to rehearse and refresh the pieces for our set. We already played at 17:00 so we had to run a tight schedule to make sure we had enough time for every song and to reconnect musically. We had played once before, almost exactly a year ago, at Festival Lenzburgiade – and now artistic director Oliver Schnyder gave us the chance to reunite at this wonderful venue ‘Kulturzentrum La Prairie’. I was nervous, because to be completely honest, I had never done anything like this before: play songs, I had never played before with one rehearsal on the same day but with a Trio like Colores and support from Fabian, Luca and Matthias, it worked and we connected and shared a powerful set together. The beautiful hall we played in, had an incredible sound and for some pieces like ‘Après un rêve’ I stepped away from the microphone…I loved it! Thank you so much Trio Colores for suggesting Ravel and Fauré – we totally did it!!!And thank you to everyone who came out to join our adventure : ).

After the concert we enjoyed great food, wonderful wine and an incredible view of the lake 'Bielersee'. We had time to continue talking and meeting everyone involved in making this Sunday possible. I still can’t believe what percussionists have to ‘schlepp’, build and work before and after the concert!!! You cannot believe the truck with all their instruments! I had the chance to stay with my dear friends Oliver and Fränzi and we made it to Baden later that night just in time to enjoy sitting together on their balcony, where I discovered my fascination with a certain volcano in Iceland : ). My train the next morning left at 8:40 from Zürich and it must have been from all the traveling over the past months because it seemed like I didn’t know exactly where I was; in my mind I was already in Zürich, not realizing that I was in Baden and it would take 25 min by train to Zürich…so yes…I missed my train : ) but luckily caught another one and another one and another one, changed trains all day long, I think at least 5 times until I made it back to Wels in the evening. Thank you dear Oli and Fränzi for everything, I already miss you - like I said…what a journey, what an adventure!

I still keep humming ‘Après un rêve’…yours Lia


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