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Budapest (HUN), Opus Jazz Club

Third time‘s a charm : ) we started our journey from Vienna to Budapest round 11am – hopped on the train and after two and a half hours we arrived in lovely Budapest. Returning for the third time to the wonderful Opus located in the heart of the city at the Budapest Music Center right next to the big market hall. The first time we played at Opus Jazz Club was with our Schubert in April 2014, the second time with My Poet‘s Love in April 2016 and now a few years later we had the chance to share our Brahms Song Book within the three-day j(A)zz! Festival. We were very much looking forward to playing at this exceptional club once more. There are many great things to say about Opus and as comfortable as it is to have the hotel room in the same building, it is the kind and warm-hearted people who turn this place to the wonderful venue that it is. Thank you György Wallner for inviting us once more and thank you to all the helping hands at Opus who made us feel welcome from the start. There was no rush and our soundcheck was relaxed and focused. Mr T – Thomas Egger - as always played an essential role in creating our sound and making us feel comfortable on stage. We started round 8pm and were welcomed by a full house with open ears and open hearts. We opened our set with „A Song“ of our Brahms Song Book in which Joris Roelofs on clarinets shared his many philosophical lines with us (possibly inspired by one of his mentors F. Nietzsche : ) ). We got off on a good start with our second song that includes a beautiful melody combined with tricky unisono off beats that brought us closer together and we had a wonderful time – Hans and Ingrid were cookin‘ while mathias layed his soundclouds upon the solid and groovy foundation. I enjoyed every minute, especially "Melancholy", "Sleeping Beauty", "Little Red Rose" and the great soli of Hans and Ingrid in "No House, No Home". One of our encores was „Ich will meine Seele tauchen“ from our Schumann Album where mathias & Joris shared a moving solo chorus. We closed our set with - I‘m sure you guessed it - Schumann‘s Mondnacht. Köszi Köszi Köszi to each and everyone who came out to Opus and shared this evening with us. And a special thank you goes out to my favourite fans Eszter Hrotko (I promise to check out „Von ewiger Liebe“ ) and Péter Antonyi. It was so good to see you again – I sincerely hope the Opus experience will turn to an annual reunion : ). I woke up the next morning to Joris' playing the clarinet next door and the marvelous rehearsal sounds of the Modern Art Orchestra practicing on the third floor. I'm off to the big market hall getting one or two souvenirs to bring back home, yours Lia!

P.S.: Thank you to the Austrian Cultural Forum for their support and to Fábián Vörös for picking us up at the trainstation : ).

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