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Gmunden (AT), Stadttheater - Salzkammergut Festwochen

Summertime in Gmunden - last night we played in the beautiful „Stadttheater“ in Gmunden as part of the Salzkammergut Festwochen. And if you‘ve never been to Gmunden, you should really go there once for many reasons - the lake, the „Traunstein“ and of course Gisela : ). mathias is in love with this extraordinary ship Gisela – she is the oldest paddle steamer in Europe and is in action only once a week on sundays! I came by train from Vienna and had a calm and lovely journey including a bachelor party on the train with a unicorn playing the guitar : ). A little tram takes you right from the trainstation in Gmunden to the Rathausplatz, where we stayed at the wonderful hotel right by the lake „Schwan“. I love this place and this lake, it as always colder than most of the other lakes in Austria and therefore especially refreshing : ). I had 30 min left before soundcheck, so there was just one thing for me to do – jump in the water and do my warm ups under the water : ). This old theatre is just beautiful and it takes you on a journey to a different era with its red wallpaper, golden ornaments and big and small chandeliers all around. The acoustics of the room are very dry, so Mister T could do exactly what he wanted with our sound within these walls and we were very happy with what he did : ). Ohhhh and dear Peter Guschelbauer how lovely to meet again, thanks for your help - let‘s continue with our Pale Ale plan : )! The ladies of the house took wonderful care of us, thanks Franziska and thank you dear Helene Habacher for providing everything we need, before and after : )! We started at 19:30 and had a wonderful time. My family and close friends came out from Wels and so did my flute teacher : ). For almost every song we chose the right tempo that night, maybe „Echoes“ - our beloved Hausdieb ; ) was a little fast but Ingridi and mathias managed their duo parts bravely no matter what : )! The clapping in „No House, No Home“ was groovy and so was Ingrid O‘s solo!!!Daddybass aka Hans Strasser made the audience starting to clap during and after his solo in Red Evening Clouds : ) and Joris once more surprised me and us with his profound and multicoloured melodies. Time flew by and we closed the evening as always with Schumann‘s Mondnacht! And now it was time to meet, hug and greet! We sold many of our Brahms, Schumanns and Schuberts that night and it was a pleasure to meet all of you, I can only hope that this will turn into a yearly thing : ). I was very hungry after the concert and so we went back to „Seehotel Schwan“ to sit on the terrace while eating, drinking, telling stories and watching the thunder coming closer and closer. My dad and Marianne joined us and so we stayed until the storm reminded us that it was time to go to bed. But before I really went to bed, I sat at the window in my room watching the rain thinking about all and nothing at all at the same time,

yours Lia!

P.S.: If you go to Gmunden, check out the incredibly charming bakery „Grellinger“!!!!

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