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Potsdam (DE), Nikolaisaal/Foyer - The Voice In Concert

On my way to the airport I met my favourite tap dancer from Vienna – the one and only Sabine Hasicka : ) - if you ever think about starting to tap – this is where you need to go: ! At U3 Neubaugasse mathias hopped on the train and we had a few stops together with Sabine to catch up. She told us that she had played at Nikolaisaal/Foyer before – our venue for our duoconcert tonight – and that she really liked it! So mathias and I were very excited to see Potsdam, its many castles and this wonderful venue! Our flight was at 12:55 so I weren‘t too tired ; ) and there was not much going on at the airport. We had a lovely flight and landed on time. mathias decided to check in his carry-on bag which he regretted in Berlin, when he had to wait for more than 30 minutes to pick it up! Luckily we had a very friendly driver, who waited for us at the airport and had a great audiobook about the history of Potsdam‘s kings, their crimes and achievements and their many many incredible castles. We got to our hotel, had a little time before soundcheck and enjoyed a walk in the sun. The „Nikolaisaal“ was only 5 min walking distance away, so there was no need to hurry and I had enough time to buy stalkings : ). „The Voice in Concert“ is a concert series that exists for 14 years and takes place in the wonderful foyer of the Nikolaisaal. We had no idea that this series is so established in this town that it comes with the most open and charming audience you can imagine. mathias and I felt so comfortable from the very start! What a wonderful crowd!!! Thank you dear Astrid Weidauer for inviting us to be a part of this great house filled with so much love, animal print and music : )! We started our first set at 8 with Schubert‘s „Einsamkeit“ including the bass flute this time. I haven‘t sang this beautiful song for quite some time and I enjoyed it so very much. And even though I know Schubert‘s Winterreise for quite some time now, it still suprises me each and every time how powerful his melodies are! Time flew by and we finished our first set with „Voltaire – la bibliothèque imaginaire“ a composition by mathias originally conceived for the Vienna Art Orchestra. I wrote lyrics to mathias‘ composition and we managed to play it as a duo version : ) oh yeah! After a 20 minutes break, it was time for our second set that was almost entirely dedicated to our „song“ versions of Schubert, Schumann and Brahms - from "Dedication" by Schumann to "Sleeping Beauty" by Brahms to Post by Franz Schubert. After my favourite Encores „Schumann‘s Mondnacht“ and Chaplin‘s „Smile“ we had the chance to meet and get to know so many of you. It was such a pleasure to spend this evening in this great venue. Thank you all for your heartwarming feedback! I ordered a „Berliner Pilsner“ which I liked very much and sat down close to the bar. After a little while we joined forces with a young table of „Potsdamers“ from the front rows : ) - thank you to Josephine, Susi, Thorsten and Christian for hanging out with us (oh yes I remember your names : ) ) We talked about music and generations and generations and music until the foyer was empty and it was time to pack up. Let us know if you come to Vienna : )!

The next morning mathias and I had enough time to walk through town and see the incredible castle „Sanssouci“ and its green, green gardens. The sun was shining and it almost felt like spring. We had lunch in the „Holländisches Viertel“ at "Maison Charlotte" and walked back through town to our hotel. Our polite driver was right on time to pick us up once more and take us back to the airport, where I fell asleep on my new pink neck cushion. I feel like there is still so much to see in Potsdam – I feel like it was just the beginning – or at least I hope so : )!

Yours Lia

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