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Baden (CH), Villa Boveri

My flight to Zürich was supposed to leave at 11:00 and thanks to mathias I got my microphone and I got to the airport just in time : ). At 9:10 he brought it straight to U3 Neubaugasse, so we made a quick handover before the metro door closed again and I was on my way : ). Thanks mathias! After boarding we got on the bus which took us to the plane, that was so small, that the propellers were outside - you'll see in the pictures - I loved it! But then when we were standing right in front of the plane, the doors of the bus wouldn‘t open and we had to wait for quite some time without knowing why or for how long inside the bus! After a while we drove a little circle, back to the plane, then back to gate, where the doors opened and someone from the flight crew explained to us what was going on. They had loaded the wrong kind of catering and now they had to unload and upload again with the right kind : )...this was even too crazy to get angry : )!After another round in the bus, we got back to the plane and then...finally ON it : )! The good thing was, while I was standing in the bus, I made a new friend from Ukraine living in Prag on her way to L.A.: )! Long story short, with a delay of an hour I arrived in Zürich where Oliver picked me up : )! We drove to Baden where we had enough time for coffee & rehearsal! After deciding on our outfites for the night, we drove to beautiful Villa Boveri – and again I forgot my microphone - can you believe it : ) - but Ian & Fränzi saved the day and got it for me in no time – you are the best, thank you so much!!! What a beautiful Villa and oh what an exciting portrait of a young lady in the back, right behind me!!! She turned out to be quite a big part of the whole experience in this beautiful room with a wonderful sound!What a great atmosphere to play our ballad programme "the other way around" arranged by mathias rüegg! I also forgot to change my shoes and I almost got on stage with my winterboots on, so Oli kept on talking while I put them on and this little interlude actually was a great way to get to know the charming people in this room : )! After all this excitement we were ready to play for this open-hearted audience! I had a wonderful time and the colorful soundclouds that Oliver kept sending out of the Steinway inspired me in each and every song! We had our favourite moment while playing „Angel Eyes“ by Matt Dennis & Earl Brent. If you don‘t know this beautiful ballad – listen to Frank‘s Version from his live Album with Count Basie „At the Sands“!!!I had a wonderful time, especially while getting to know this lovely audience – as a second encore they voted for Cry Me A River - great choice : )! Thank you to everyone who came out to share this evening with us! And thank you Philipp for coming all the way! And last but not least thank you to Marina for this surprising second new year‘s celebration with vodka & pickles – ooohhh what a great tradition within this concert series : )! Time flew by in front of the crackling fireplace at Schnyder‘s place and we stayed up longer than their cat sisters : )!

Yours Lia!

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