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Vienna (AT), Porgy & Bess - The Brahms Song Book

I was very excited to play our freshly-premiered „Brahms Song Book“ on the same stage where we started our journey with „gone too far“ a couple of years ago. And several people (including my mum : ) ) raised their hands when I asked, if there was someone in the room who had also been to our very first concert : )!!! We had a relaxed sound check in the late afternoon thanks to – as always – our master of sound Mr T – Thomas Egger! I was already very nervous but when the „F-Klappe“ of my bassflute didn‘t quite cover anymore, I started to get tensed...oooohhh what to do??? mathias had written and arranged so many beautiful parts including many intro‘s for this big instrument, and if I would‘nt get to play them – many pieces of our puzzle would be missing! So there was only one hope : ) Philipp Bachofner to the rescue!!! You remember Philipp, he is to one, that invited us to Schloss Rapperswil & just recently to Wädenswil – he is a flute player, organizer of concerts and a great cook : ) and he flew all the way from Switzerland to be at our night at the Porgy . I called him and he came by during our soundcheck and repaired my bassflute with some knifes and screwdrivers – can you believe it!!! Oh Philipp what can I say, THANK YOU for being our dear friend!!! So I could go back to being nervous while getting dressed : ). When Christoph Huber comes backstage, that‘s when everybody knows: It‘s showtime : )! He leads us up the stairs, introduces us and off we go – starting with „Lied“ a powerful ¾ with Mario Rom on trumpet playing his unique melodies!!!

WHAT AN AUDIENCE, WHAT A NIGHT!!! We were welcomed with so much support right from the start and enjoyed every step of the way!!! We had a special guest this night, Miss Anna Bux whistled an incredible solo in „Dornröschen“, a song of Brahms „Volkskinderlieder“ cycle. The audience loved her and they showed it : ) and so did we!!! What a pleasure to have Anna with us sharing her art of how to whistle! And we will record this song with her – I promise : )!!! Hans played an incredible solo on Rote Abendwolken aka "Roti Wölkli", Mario moved us during the ballad of „Du mein einzig Licht“ and Ingridi played an amazing soli in „Sagt mir, oh Schäfrin mein“ and „Kein Haus, keine Heimat“, not to mention her unique skills on the „Glockenspiel“ in „Anklänge“ - rockin‘ the crazy duo lines with mathias! I enjoyed every second of „Heidenröslein“ where mathias followed my every move especially during our duo verses! Also I would like to mention the moment where the cable just dropped out of the microphone while singing my duo part with Hans : )))! I still don‘t know what happened there, but it‘s definitely one of these moments that will make me smile everytime I think of it! Just like this night was full of moments like this – full of moments to remember that will make me smile and for that I am deeply grateful. Thank you to mathias for arranging these songs, thank you to the unique musicians that I get to sing & play with, Hans, Ingrid, Mario, mathias – you are wonderful and last but not least thank you to the magnificent, open-hearted audience at the Porgy & Bess, I think you are my favourite : )!

Yours truly, Lia

P.S.: thank you Bert Müller for your support & wonderful pictures!

P.P.S.: Inspired by this wonderful night, we just decided to record „The Brahms Song Book“ in three weeks : ) - the time is now!

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