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Wildegg (CH), Schloss Wildegg

We all met in the early afternoon in Wildegg. Our venue was the castle up up on the hill - oh yesss and the weather was great so we could play open air surrounded by the most incredible view and many many animals : ). I arrived from the Villa Ruffieux, where I‘m doing my artist residency in Sierre right now. It was a lovely three hour trip by car with a wonderful view of beautiful Lac Leman, passing Vevey, where Chaplin lived : ) and Montreux, where the famous Jazzfestival takes place every year. Ingrid, Hans, Stano and mathias took an early ,early flight from Vienna and Thomas, well he came all the way from Vienna by car with the whole backline on board including Streets‘ bass!!! He had to start at 5:00 am, arrived at 4 and started to unload and hook all the cables up right away while we were, inspired by the sunshine, getting in a reggae mood : )!!! We had a very relaxed soundcheck, feeling very comfortable with our sound from the start – so Thomas, you are amazing and once more, thank youuu!!! Our backstage room was from a different era – so very beautiful!!! And we had enough time to enjoy our sandwiches and shared funny, funny anekdotes of musicians being on tour…: )

It was a warm summer evening and we started at 20:15, right on time – Marc Frey, the organizer of the Schloss-Serenade introduced us with very sweet words and off we went...starting with The Maiden followed by a Waltz version : ) of „First Green“ initiated by mathias and I have to say that I liked it that way too : ) but after a while we all decided to switch back and finish in 4/4 : ). We were blessed with a truly wonderful evening, the audience was supportive and listening closely especially when Hans plays his powerful solo in Herbstlied and Ingrid hers in „Ich hab im Traume geweinet“ and mathias in „Es stürmet am Abendhimmel“ and when Stano showed all his colours in „Widmung“ or „Märzveilchen“. I think we never played "Märzveilchen" that fast, I almost couldn‘t keep up with my off-beat-clapping : )! I very much enjoyed singing "Ich will meine Seele tauchen" that night - we spontaniously decided to play it and I am glad we did! And I think that our first encore The Post was very vibrant that night, especially Ingridi‘s solooo! Afterwards we all got a big yellow sun flower from the whole organizing team!!! We truly had a great time!!! Thank you to everyone who spend this evening with us, and to our dear friends, that came out that night – thank you to the whole Schnyder family and also to Beat Blaser (SRF), whose written words about us have supported us from the start. And mathias even got an incredible vegetarian cook book from a special fan! Before I started packing up, I enjoyed one or two beers talking to friends and getting to know some of you - ah T, that reminds me, I got great feedback regarding the sound : )! After packing we all felt a little hungry, so we decided to grab bite – which can be quite tricky on the countryside after 23:00...but we were lucky and found a pizza place that was still open, preparing 4 tasty pizzas for us that we took back to the hotel so that we could eat them together...the whole crew : ). Unfortunately the hotel we stayed in was very strict with us and forbid us to eat our snack inside and outside the hotel...mathias, our only Swiss member, was very angry about this and explained that limitations like this were one of the reasons he moved away 40 years you can imagine how hungry we were : ) we took our pizza and started to walk around town looking for a place to eat it : )...our "pizza walk" led us back to the "take away" where we bought it and although they had already closed they were so sweet and let us eat! Finally : )! It was quite an adventure with a tasty ending!

The next morning I got up quite early to have brunch & visit the city of Bern with my dearest Michi. And let me tell you just one thing: To swim in the river Aare and letting the stream take you downtown taught me the following: Sometimes you have to jump into cold water to get into the flow : )!!!What a feeling!

Yours Lia

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