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Kiel/Molfsee (DE), Winkelscheune Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

The next morning we all could sleep in a little bit – mathias even overslept!!!Can you imagine? It usually never happens! While Hans and Ingrid were exploring Hamburg in the morning, the rest of us slept a little longer and went for a walk after breakfast. Linnea picked us up at 13:00 and drove us all the way to Kiel. What a smooth roadtrip with exciting discussions about, Songs, Kunstlieder, George Gershwin and the lost profession of the so-called song-plugger.*

In Kiel we had the lovely Atlantic Hotel right at the port with a very promising roof top bar. We had enough time to eat and to get ready for our second concert within the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. We heard that the venue Winkelscheune was very special but we had no idea what was expecting us!!!It‘s truly exceptional – it actually feels like time traveling. The Winkelscheune is part of the impressive open air museum in Molfsee. All of us were fascinated by the thatched roofs made of Reet - you‘ll see it on the pictures below. They told us that some of these houses were about four hundred years old!!! Soundcheck was a little bit tricky for us as the acustic of the room was the exact opposite of the day before: from a lot of natural reverb to no natural reverb! But Thomas as always helped us find our sound and made us feel comfortable. Oh, and the incredibly charming ladies who took care of us backstage!!!We had a wonderful time! Ingrid and I enjoyed our adventure of getting ready and brushing our teeth inside these old walls on our search for running water : ).

We still managed to make it on time and were greeted by a full house. We opened our set once more with Die Sennin and at first I coudn‘t really tell how the audience was reacting...they were listening intently and laughed at the original quotes of Robert Schumann that I shared but still I wasn‘t sure how they felt about our versions of Schumann‘s Lieder/Songs. So I was quite suprised when after our last song Märzveilchen with Stano‘s powerful solo – the applause kept going on and on, calling for four encores! What an intense finale that continued with an italian picnic-dinner inside this wonderful place where I got to talk to extraordinary Lady Birgit Comberg, who founded this festival 30 years ago with a concert series with Justus Frantz playing all Beethoven piano concerts, incredible!!

It was a very special night for me and I was deeply moved by the personal feedback of so many of you after our concert, thank you! We enjoyed wonderful wine, pizza, pasta and beer before Linnea once more drove us back to our hotel where Hans and I couldn‘t stop laughing on the back seat.

I think in some way to all of us these two days were special...Hans was reconnecting with his family traces in Hamburg & Kiel, Ingrid simply loves the city Hamburg, mathias was impressed by the love for detail of the festival, Thomas didn‘t have to drive ten hours by car ; ), Stano ate a Currywurst and I was truly inspired by the passion for music of the Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival.

We sincerely hope to meet again, the sooner - the better : ),

yours Lia!

*song plugger was a vocalist or piano player employed by music stores or song publishers in the early 20th century to promote and help sell new sheet music. The pianist usually sat in the store and played whatever music was given to him by the clerk of the store selling the sheet music.

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