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St. Johann (AT), Alte Gerberei

We started off from Vienna to St. Johann at around 10:00 in the morning. We had a busy week including a live video shoot in the Porgy & Bess. Usually I am the one who forgets things but this time it was mathias!!! : ) and he forgot to bring my dress for the concert. I don’t know why but I brought another outfit just because I thought why not have a choice : ). We arrived at around 15:30 and soundcheck was an hour later. St.Johann is a beautiful town. At our hotel we met very lovely ladies looking great wearing their dirndls!!!

I had a another ; ) great view from the balcony – of the amazing scenery including the „Alte Gerberei“ with three Pale posters up. So I could look at myself and the beautiful scenery at the same time : ). Thank you to the organizer Hans for inviting us and thank you to everyone who came out that night! I really appreciate it, it was a lovely warm evening and it means a lot to me that you decided to come with us on our journey. We had great time playing, the rhythm section was solid as a rock, oh yeah and the stage sound was amazing – at this point thank you again Mr. Vetters for making us feel good on stage and thank you for lending me your Neumann, I promise to get myself my own as soon as I can!!! Oh my and I have to say I had such a lovely night. After Fab and I had our second beer we couldn’t help it – we had to dance as we heard 5/8erl in Ehrn and couldn’t stop for a looooong time playing our favourite songs from Basie to Ray to the Yardbirds.

Alte Gerberei we had a great time!!!I went to bed a little too late and a little too early in the morning...

Yours Lia!

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