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Vienna (AT), Porgy & Bess

It was the third time we were invited to play at Porgy with gone too far. After everything that had been going on with the recordings of the new album my poet’s love, time went by so fast...I couldn’t believe it was fall and we were about to get back out there. As the Porgy is the place where everything started, we wanted to celebrate, oh yes and we wanted to celebrate with our friends, so we decided to invite many many special guests to perform with us on that night... Naima Mazic danced a wonderful solo to Leiermann , Astrid Wiesinger on alto saxophone shared her incredible sound on Wetterfahne, the one and only Sabine Hasicka visualized pure rhythm on her tapdance solo in Post, Stanislaus Dick as Wilhelm Müller suprised us twice with the poem Der stürmische Morgen and Im Dorfe, Mister Herwig Gradischnig closed our set on the tenor saxophone with Gute Nacht and last but not least the charming and best dressed young trumpet players in town Dominik Fuss and Richard Köster played in our encores of the new album!!!I had the most amazing time, it felt so wonderful to share our version of Schuberts Winterreise with all these incredible performing artists.Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, for making this night so special!!! I am deeply grateful. And I know he won’t like it...but I have to say thank you to our sound magician Christoph Burgstaller, who made an exception for us taking care of our live sound - WE LOVE YOU

: )! And what can I say...dear Porgy, you were incredible, thank you for making us feel at home from the start!!! I have told you before that I am always very nervous when we play at Porgy...this time I decided to start the night completely different...and I had no idea how it would turn out or if I would be able to go through with it. I dressed up as an old man, not any old man, the strange old man from the Leiermann (Barefoot on the Snowbank) and I would enter the stage 45 min before we actually would start to play...sitting still and alone on stage, holding my little hurdy-gurdy while people were filling the room!I was wearing a huge black wintercoat, a hat so that I could only see the feet of people coming in, gloves, a blanket and a scarf. I clearly remember sitting onstage, feeling so very hot : ), listening to all the voices around me, watching the feet of people passing me by, finding rest as they sat down...I remember one pair of shoes that would rest right in front of me, almost the entire time and...then the lights went down, I started to play my little organ, the room went quiet, Ingrid entered the stage playing the framedrum, the band quietly sat down, Naima came out to undress me and transform me from the old man to myself and we opened our set with the last piece of the cycle...Barefoot on the snowbank!And I don’t know if it maybe were the 45 minutes on stage all by myself but I can’t remember feeling so very comfortable from the beginning!I don’t want to repeat myself all the time, but I can only say again and again how much I enjoyed this night. Ah I wanted to tell you who the feet that I was watching right in front of me belong to: No one other than Mister Konrad Paul Liessmann himself!!!!!!OH I admire him so much and I couldn’t believe it was him all along sitting right in front of me. You should have seen mathias and how excited he was when he saw Mister Liessmann....they met at Ö1 Nachtquartier and mathias invited him to our concert, mathias and I were so excited that Mister Liessmann came. We all stayed for a long time at Porgy, talking, laughing, having a good time : )...but not too long of course, cause we had to get up early for Bratislava the next day... I don’t know if it was the excitement but for some reason we simply forgot to make pictures the whole I guess we just have to do it again : )!!!!

Thousand kisses, yours Lia!

P.S.: new album – new hair : )!!! Premiere of my poet’s love at Porgy & Bess: 03.02.2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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