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Belgrad (SRB), Jazz Festival

I just got back home from beautiful Belgrade, feeling incredibly grateful for our moments in Serbia. I was so excited to be back, as I fell in love the last time we played there and again this wonderful country, this wonderful city generously welcomed us. The whole band met at Wien Mitte to take the train to Vienna Airport and it was so nice to travel all together because often Thomas Egger (our sound magician) is driving by car or sometimes everyone comes from different directions…but this time we all traveled together right from the start and together we made it through all the security checks with all of Fabs horns and Ingrids drums : ). The flight was relaxed and short and we got picked up at Nikola Tesla Aiport by Vuk, who brought us to our hotel and took care of us throughout our stay. After our lunch Vuk and our driver brought us straight to the venue, where we had enough time to get ready for sound check and where we had enough time to catch up with the organizer of the Festival Dragan Ambrosic. Dear Dragan, I know I told you before, but I am gonna do it one more time right here : ) thank you for inviting us and giving us the chance to perform in this beautiful venue filled with the most energetic audience I have ever known. Thank you!!! soooo back to our sound check…it was a little bit difficult for me to find my way on stage…it was a little bit difficult for all us and sometimes it happens that stress finds its way to a sound check but with Thomas Egger who knows exactly what we need and who we trust, we found our way in time to give Miss Miona, who we shared this evening with, her time to sound check. We got back to the hotel and had some time to rest and get dressed : ). I took a long and hot shower, enjoying that I didn't have to rush for getting ready and having enough time to go through the setlist in mind, focusing on our concert. It has been a while since we played our Winter Journey and I was nervous and excited. We got back to the venue and I had a nice interview with Legend Radio - thank you for your support! Our set started at 22:30 and as always we started our Journey with the first song in Schuberts cycle of songs „Gute Nacht“ - „You will not hear me leaving“ and I can still feel the incredible energy of mathias, Hans and Ingrid lifting me up and driving me on. To my left there was Fab as powerful as ever!!! and on top of that there was all of you - one of the most charming audience I have ever experienced. Thank you for this unforgettable night! I stumbeled off stage feeling hot, happy…and hungry : ). Vuk and Fab went to get Pizza and beer and in the meantime journalist Voja Pantic came and introduced us to an upcoming local guitar player who plays forbidden songs : ). Thanks Voja for the wonderful interview, it was so good to see you again! After pizza time it was time for us to get back to the hotel…and on my way out I met someone who truly inspired me…someone who waited for us and who's words gave me so much!There is really not much more I can say, it was a magic encounter that truly felt like a blessing. Before we went back to the hotel, we made a little detour to the bar right next to it : ) - enjoying and sharing the moments after a special concert like this…and Fab once more entertained us with his impressions of Austrian Jazz musicians : )! The next morning Hans, mathias and I overslept a little but we still had enough time to walk through town to the impressive fortress with its incredible view!!!And when we got back to the hotel, a surprise was waiting for me : ). Last time in Belgrade Thomas bought original woolen socks for his wife that I really really really wanted to have as well and I have to admit I really really really was getting on his nerves with my sock issue : )…so Ingrid and Thomas surprised me with my dream pair of socks. I am wearing them right now as I am writing this : )!Ingrid and Thomas, thank you so much!!!The son of our driver from the day before picked us up and brought us right back to Nikola Tesla Airport again…ohhhhh Belgrade…what can I say…I hope to see you soon…hvala!!!

Yours Lia

P.S.: this year I got to celebrate easter twice : ) because Serbia uses the Gregorian calendar and so today was Easter…and look who I met : )!

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