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Chur (CH), Jazz Club Chur Postremise

mathias and I had a quite surprising start…we met at 6:45 at his place to help our man of sound Thomas Egger carry down everything we needed and hurried to the airport right after, when we got to the check in, they looked at us and told us that the flight we booked did not exist or was cancelled and somehow the information didn't reach us! It was very confusing but the bottom line was we were rebooked on the 6:55 flight with the rest of the gang, which had already left…thanks to mathias (he is very thorough and had the emailed confirmation for our non existing flight printed out ) we managed to convince them that the last thing we knew was the 8:55 flight and so they actually rebooked us for another flight via Düsseldorf. And so eight hours!!! later we arrived in Chur just in time - one hour before soundcheck. I was so tired!!!We played in Chur two years ago, this time it was a different venue, a very very charming and beautiful venue with a bed!!! backstage, yes that’s right : )!Thank you Andrea Engi for inviting us once more, by organizing his 450th jazz concert in Chur! We had a relaxed and fun sound check, Thomas Egger was high above us on his little sound mountain and took care of us the way he always does : )! Ingrid, Hans, mathias, Mario and I hit the stage around 20:45 and we had a wonderful time! The audience in Chur was extremely charming and focused and it was a pleasure to spend this evening at the „Postremise“! Ingridi, what a solo!!!After our show mathias could catch up with some of his long-time friends and fans who came all the way from mathias hometown „Schiers“ aaand also Christian Müller came with his girlfriend!!!When we recorded at Powerplay Christian was our person of trust and took care of us in the most wonderful way - I was so excited to see him again!!!The time at Studio Powerplay is so special to me…it was great to see you again Christian!!!There was enough time to meet so many of you who came out that night and I hope to be back soon!!!After the concert, we were all very very very hungry and couldn't wait to get to the pizzeria. It got so cold outside and it was raining - we experienced the very start of the cold cold winter in Switzerland : )!But it was good! We enjoyed our late night dinner including the discussion about Hader…! When we got back to our hotel there was a big party going on and Hans and I had to change rooms to get a good night’s sleep : )! The next morning as always I missed breakfast : )…next stop Uznach!

Yours Lia

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