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Belgrade (SRB), 31. Jazz Festival

Our wonderful shuttle boys Nenad and Stefan picked us up from our hotel in Kragujevac and took us all the way to Belgrade!Thank you again for our road trips and fruits : )! What do you do when you’re on a road trip?yeeeees playing car games : ) and Mario suggested a game where you had to think of aaall the songtitles you know!!!The game ended in a tie between Mario and Hans and time flew by! We arrived at the Austrian embassy…one day I am gonna tell you more about it, but now is not the time : )! We had a coffee and after a little while we found ourselves in our hotel…a beautiful hotel filled with beautiful women (mathias was thinking about moving to Serbia : ) and I have to say I can understand : ) )! In my room there were lovely roses!!! set up as a welcome gift - thank you so much!!! Again we were taken care of by a wonderful team…we enjoyed lunch with the probably biggest portions I have ever seen and started a hot discussion about electronic music and djs…it probably is still going on between Mario and me : )! Suddenly the phone rang and it was the program manager of the festival…we had to switch our slot with Francesco Scafiso Sextet…I didn’t figure out what exactly happened…but there was nothing left to do but to play our set around 01:00 at night! Everyone was so nice and concerned and helped us the best they could to handle the situation - thank you to the great sound team and again Thomas Egger - I have to say as difficult as it was for us to play so late - the soundcheck made it easier because we probably had the best soundcheck ever : ), I don’t know what it was but the sound on stage was so wonderful and it felt so good that we didn’t wanna stop playing! After that we had a lot of time..we had dinner, we slept, we talked, and shortly before we started Anna Lauvergnac came backstage and stayed for our set : )! I still cant believe that at 01:00am after three concerts so many people still were willing to listen to what we had to say…thank you! Incredible how lively the night life in Serbia is!!!Thank you Dragan for letting us be a part and thank you for inviting us once more - I am so happy that we get the chance to play in Belgrade again!!!(Voja, I promise we will do our talk then) After our set - mathias was still wide awake and even went to the session near our hotel - I myself got between my blankets and fell asleep! Hans and Mario probably did the same thing but had to get up two hours later at 5 for their early flight back home! Ingrid, Thomas, mathias and I left the next day in the evening, so we had time to explore Belgrade! Ingrid and Thomas teamed up and walked through town - Thomas, I still envy you for the socks you bought!!!!!!!mathias and I did the same thing just a little while later and walked through town to the amazing fortress - it is unbelievably beautiful - you have to go there and see for yourself…the view of the danube is incredible and on top of that the sun was shining as the leaves covered the ground and turned it to red and gold! Eventually we had to get back to the hotel…and back to the Airport and back to Vienna!

HVALA, yours Lia!

P.S.: THANK YOU to the Austrian Cultural Forum for their support!!!

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