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Linz (AT), Festival 4020

My first Solo. It was a huge step for me and I would like to thank Peter Leisch for giving me the possibility to do it.

On my own - all by myself - 49 min.

An incredible venue was filled with music by incredible musicians from Persia and Austria for four days!I was part of the first day and I still can't believe that I had the chance to play my solo debut at the "Brucknerhaus" in Linz. The theme of the festival was desire in all its facets. I started to work on my Solo intensively in the beginning of March and by spending my time with the theme and the festival something happened: I started to write. I wrote a story, a story that was leading me through my Solo and in the end leading me through my life : )! When I walked out on the stage that night and I started with my first note...I could feel my loneliness, I could feel that I was alone and it was scary. I was filled with fear and excitement. But I wanted to tell my story, I wanted to share and so I kept on going, I can't remember how, it was like a dream that lasted 49 min. It was the very first time for me being alone on stage. mathias helped so much on my way to this night and I would like to thank you at this point for supporting me so much!!!!I was wearing a head set and so I could move, run, jump, paint or whatever I felt like doing while I sang. It was so very exciting for me, I can't even begin to describe...The intimate soundcheck, the kind and patient sound and light engineers who helped me so much getting ready for my solo. Thank you!!!Can you imagine, I could choose each light for each of my positions on stage : ) (there was a filter called Pale Rosè) and the sound engineer gave a me a piece of wood that helped me a lot with the pedal of the grand piano - Steinway - an incredible piano!!!I don't know what to say... Marie-Therese Rudolph took care of me before and after the concert, thank you Marie-Therese! A very special festival with very special people. Thank you so much for letting me be part of it. Ohhhh and my dressing room!!!!I loved it, there was a Boesendorfer standing in my room!!!!! My mum came from Wels and she took mathias and me back to the trainstation, we caught our train to Vienna and it was on the train that I slowly started to realize what had happened... but in a way I still can't believe it. It means a lot to me. Thank you to each and everyone who came out that night, I hope you liked my story : )!

Yours Lia!

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