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Gunskirchen (AT), Konzertsaal

After our premiere at Porgy we had a couple of days before we played gone too far in Gunskirchen. To play my poet's love and gone too far only a couple of days apart felt reassuring to me. mathias and I went by train and I am guessing that by now you know how much we love trainrides : ). It was a beautiful sunny day.( and we we're enjoying a great and humorous article in the "Wiener Zeitung" by Christoph Irrgeher about our premiere. )We arrived in Wels around 3 and my dad picked us up to get us to Gunskirchen. Hans Wadauer, the organizer, had the wonderful idea of giving the audience the chance to hear the original version of Schuberts Winterreise a week before we played our version. Thank you at this point for inviting us. It was a charming concert hall with great acoustics - not too big , not too small. That is why we decided to play without monitors and almost completely unplugged. And again I have to mention Fabian for taking care of our sound and playing a double role at this night: sound engineer a n d saxophone player. You rock Fab (also thank you for lending me your wonderful mic)! We had a calm and relaxed soundcheck. Shortly before we started Ingrid and Fabian we're going crazy on a keyboard and the piano backstage to release their tention : ). We hit the stage right on time and with the room full of people the sound on stage was even better. We enjoyed playing so much. The audience was highly concentrated and open. The energy in the room was driving us on. Hans' , Fabian's and my family was there and I saw a lot of familiar faces of the brass band I used to play in for 6 years when I was 12. The rhythm section Ingrid, Hans and mathias was tight as ever and Fabian played as energetic as ever. Hans Wadauer has the sweetest daughters and the youngest came on stage giving us wonderful presents at the end. We we're happy. Thank you, dear audience, for coming out and creating this atmosphere with us. After the concert we we're in a rush to get back to the trainstation. I was supposed to be back in Vienna by 23:45 for the "Ö1 Jazznacht". But I had half an hour to meet many of you, catch up, sign CDs, talk and grab a bite. I was starving. I can't eat before a concert, so if I'm not careful enough and if I don't manage to eat a full meal for lunch, I get hungry while playing but luckily my mum's best friend was there and she brought me her special bread and as soon as I got backstage, I ate it all at once : ). I rushed back and forth - packing my bag and trying not to forget anything. My mum gave mathias and I a ride back to the trainstation and we got there just in time and found ourselves happy, tired and thirsty on the train back to Vienna. Two hours later I was sitting in the studio with Andreas Felber at the "Funkhaus" talking about our concert, my poet's love and everything else that brought me to where I am right now. (and it was mathias' phone that was ringing : )) I stayed up all night cause I didn't want this day to end,

yours Lia!

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