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Salzburg (AT), Republic

Alright, where do I start? We just got back from recording our 2nd Studioalbum at the amazing Powerplay Studios in Zürich and three more days in Vienna at 4tunes. We had a day to rest and regain strength before we went to the „Salzburger Festspiele“. I can’t tell you how excited I was to play there and be part of this incredible Festival. I nevertheless felt very tired all the way until soundcheck, but we had a lovely trainride with Miss Gottfried (a friend of mathias) who came along. The rest of our band came by car including Martin Vetters. It was a tight schedule this time as four bands were playing at the „Republic“. I have to admit that I got very nervous when I saw this venue with so so so much space to fill. We had the shortest soundcheck I’ve ever had and started at 17:30 right on time! Oh how exciting and hot it was : ). The audience was incredible and was part of our journey from the very first moment - thank you so much!!!!!And sorry for pushing the wrong button of my megaphone twice ; )...I felt so comfortable on stage, oh I wanna come back. I also never had such a pretty table to sign Cds and meet all of you : )! After playing we were veeeery hungry and enjoyed wonderful Salzburg on a hot summer night eating outside...thank you Fab for letting me have so much of your ice cream : )!!!! It was the opening night of „Jedermann“ as well and I’ve never seen this famous piece and important part of the Festspiele and as we were free this night, mathias, Miss Gottfried, her friend and I decided in impuls to go and try to get last minute tickets : )! Which we did – for the standing room, - so our feet and legs were pretty tired the next day, but it was worth it!!!!Fabian, Ingrid, Hans and Martin left Salzburg to go back to Vienna the same night and mathias and I left the next morning, unintentionally I took the key to my hotel room back to Vienna, of course I am gonna send it right back : )! After this intense time we spent in the studio, it was so good to get back on stage right away and I wanna thank everyone who made this evening possible!

Yours, sincerely, Lia!

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