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Meggenhofen (AT), Hoffestspiele 2014

We had weeks and days of intense rehearsing for the new album behind us, when we started off to Meggenhofen. It is not far from my hometown Wels in Upper Austria, so it was short and lovely train ride towards home. There are no words to describe the „Theater Meggenhofen“ surrounded by stunning nature. We couldn’t believe our eyes. The team who is responsible for this magical place were incredible ( They treated us to homemade pies that I simply can’t get out of my head and created with unbelievable energy this place. I was moved and excited to play there. Our sound engineer this time was Christoph Burgstaller, he normally doesn’t do live gigs, but he made an exception for us: Thank youuuu so much!!! We had plenty of time to sit outside, enjoy the view, prepare and relax for our show. Fabian and I had a water-spilling-fight where I think he won...he got me by surprise with his perfect timing!!!

Our soundcheck was easy going and without complications. We finished in time and had time to enjoy our dressing rooms. I got more and more nervous when I saw all the people coming in...we started at 20:30 into a warm night with a blue sky...we enjoyed this evening so much - playing outside with this surrounding and this audience was an honour.

It was also a special night because strange things started to happen: Fabian got almost stung by a bee while he was playing, Ingrid fell off her cajon and mathias slipped and fell too and I had to stop and start over at the encore : )...nobody got hurt, Ingrid, mathias and Fabian are all fine but it was quite a showdown for all of us : )...but the way the audience supported us was just unbelievable and we wanna thank you from our hearts! We had dinner underneath a tree full of was like a dream – Ingrid and I are already making plans of how to move in!!! Next morning my dad picked us up and one more time we visited this place, said goodbye to everyone and enjoyed a glass of „Hollersaft“. We had to be back in Vienna in time for our last rehearsing-concert before the recordings!!! We all kept talking and thinking about this exciting and wonderful night we had with each and everyone with you, with love,

yours Lia!!!

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