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Hallein (AT), Ziegelstadl

I'm sitting on the train back to Vienna, thinking about the wonderful evening in Hallein. I was very worried before our concert because I had troubles with my voice and wasn’t sure if it wouldn’t be too soon to get back in the game. But I missed playing live so much that I simply had to do it. So I was talking as little as possible, drinking my special tea as much as I could and trying to keep it together, relaxing and taking one step after another. Fabian helped me through the soundcheck, as he was checking my sound : ) – thank you Mr. Rucker! We had plenty of time and soundcheck was calm and easy. Still I was scared and worried, I tried to rest a bit after soundcheck but couldn’t really relax, so I did some breathing exercises to calm down that I learned from amazing Ismael Ivo. We started at 20:30 and from the first moment I entered the stage I felt at home, the audience made me feel so welcome and I really want to thank everyone who came out that night. I have to say that I never had such a strong feeling of time flying by . I couldn’t believe when we started the last song, I had such a great time, thank you again!!!!!!! And we are looking forward to come back with our new album (hopefully) next year!!Thank you Friedrich Bahner for inviting us to the Halleiner Festwochen. My sister, who lives in California, came too with her american grandparents and they had never seen me perform before so I was so very excited to see them and of course a little bit more nervous on stage : )!I was so happy that they came all the way to hear us (they especially loved Ingrid and couldn’t believe how many percussion instruments she is playing and how busy she is!!!)! And I was so happy that my voice felt okay after all which was such a relief but I still continued with my medicine and my special tea, even after the concert I drank water with ginger instead of beer : ) – I can’t tell you how grateful I am that everything turned out the way it did.

After the concert we were so hungry and veeery glad to find a pizzeria that had still open and where we could even sit outside, the lovely lady who took care of us led us to this place – it was a chilly and beautiful night! We talked about the Jazzfest Wien because it has been and still is unbelievable that they do not support Austrian bands and keep ignoring what is going on, inviting the same Popacts every year but calling it Jazzfest Wien. Fabian started a discussion about it on facebook and the response is huge, so this discussion will continue and hopefully be heard.

Next morning we had some time to walk through town, enjoying this gorgeous city and its funny walls...

I bought fresh apricotes and at 11:27 mathias and I hopped back on the train!

I’ll be seeing you : ), yours Lia!

P.S.: On the 5th of July we're gonna be in Meggenhofen, come come come!!!!!!!

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