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Budapest (HU), Opus Jazz Club

Actually I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve been to Budapest and I couldn’t wait to see this beautiful town again. Also I remembered my hungarian roots – my grand grandma was Hungarian – that’s what I’ve been told : ). Naima (mathias’ daughter) and Helga (the coolest lady from Vienna who lives in La Gomera) came along on our trainride to listen to our concert - ohyeah! The Jazzclub Opus is completely new, about a year ago they opened their doors and let me tell you: What a venue!!! There are two stages and both of them look just great and sound the same (right here thank you to the nicest stagehands and soundengineers and thank you to our soundengineer who came with us from Vienna: Martin Vetters)!We had enough time to look around the city before we went to the soundcheck. The soundcheck went well and we had a great dinner before the concert – a tiny power nap to collect myself and at 20:30 we hit the stage!I had a great time. It took me by suprise how silent the audience was, at first I didn’t know whether this is a good sign or not, it was hard for me to read them but as it turned out they were following our every move and I was relieved and excited at the same time!!!Every concert is different, every audience is different, everyone in the room is part of creating the atmosphere and this makes every evening completely unique!!!That is one of many reasons why playing live is so very important and special! Thank you Opus for the wonderful evening and thank you Bogi for inviting us! After the concert a very charming girl came up to me with the original score of Schubert in her hands and the list she was keeping of every song I sang during our concert, I couldn’t believe it : )! She was following us note by note, I was stunned and impressed, how cooooool!!!!! And the lovely lady who caught the hat, that flew into darkness : ), was celebrating her birthday that night!!!! We continued to celebrate at Opus with Naima and Helga and we all continued downtown cause we wanted to see so much more of Budapest : )!

The next day I was veeeery tired and if it hadn’t been for Naima and Helga, I would have stayed in bed all day, but thanks to both of them we were taking a great walk up the hill and around town, discovering mindblowing stores and coffeehouses!

Can’t wait to be back next year, I made a promise : )!!!

Kisses, Lia!

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