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Ebensee (AT), Festspiele Gmunden

It was the first concert after quite sometime and I couldn’t wait to be back on the road!!! We’ve never been an opening act for a Festival before so you can imagine how excited I was. We started off calmly and with a good mood from the trainstation in Vienna. It is a beautiful trainride to Ebensee, the train runs along the lake and you know how much I like water : )!

We got there and after a tiny nap we went straight to the venue. It is a charming place with a lot of charming people! Mathias and I were waiting for the rest of our gang who arrived by car and we waited waited turned out that there was a misunderstanding regarding the soundcheck-time. So we got a little nervous, but the important thing is that they do arrive a littel later than planned : ) Ingrid, Hans, Fabian and Martin got here and everybody tried to be as quick as possible...soundchecks can be difficult sometimes, there is a lot going on, everyone can get kind of nervous or tensed especially when you feel like you're running out of time. There were three interviews scheduled before the concert – it was crazy – we were soundchecking and from the soundcheck straight to the interviews – from the interviews straight to the opening speech, where mathias dedicated our concert to Gisela : ) (the oldest paddlesteamer that is still rocking the Traunsee) – from the official part straight to the dressing room – a couple of breaths and warm-ups and from there on the stage!!!!The good thing about a tight schedule like this is, that you don't have time to get extremely nervous because you’re constantly busy. So we entered the stage with a smile on our faces and ready to play!

The audience created an exciting silence that made me speechless, it was magical and I would like to thank everyone who came out that night and shared this journey with us!!!Thank you Jutta Skokan for inviting us to this wonderful Festival!!!! WHAT AN AUDIENCE - I hope we’ll meet again soon!

I went to bed happy and so excited that I couldn’t fell asleep although I enjoyed a couple of beers from the most charming bartenders ever! I woke up the next morning tired and with a very exciting hairdo : ) - you'll see : )! We hopped on the train back home and I spent the next day drinking coffee out of my beautiful new espresso cup from "Gmundner Keramik" : ) thinking about the concert, eating, sleeping and watching Billy Wilder movies!!!!

I see you soon, yours Lia!

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