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Vienna (AT), Porgy & Bess

OH!!!! When I think of our evening at the Porgy I get all sentimental...I had the most wonderful time with you, with all of you!!!!I am deeply grateful for your support from the very beginning. It’s hard for me to describe this you know it all began at the Porgy in February and for me to come back there –this time with the entire songcycle of Schubert (24 songs!) – was very special!!! I felt like we shared and walked this journey altogether and when I started with our last last song „Frozen tears“ I was close to tears myself : )!

When we flew back from Zürich there was not a single cloud in the sky and I had an amazing view...the alps looked like an ocean of crystals!!!!We had plenty of time before our soundcheck and so I took a bath and a nap and started to go through the concert in mind, preparing for our last concert in 2013!!! Hans, Ingrid, Fabian, mathias, Martin and I, we all were pretty tensed. The soundcheck wasn’t easy but Martin didn’t give up and did the best he could laying our sound into the wonderful Porgy!

It was mathias birthday and of course he didn’t want us to sing for him because it was about Schubert/Müller and the „Winterreise“ but I at least had to tell you guys about his birthday and the name of his first band, back then when mathias was a hippie and played on a selfmade organ : )))!

I remember the moment when I walked out onto the stage and I looked at all your faces...what an audience...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

I will carry this night in my heart - it's moments like this that give me strenght to go on and on and inspire me to give what I have to give,

yours Lia!

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