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Uznach (CH), Rotfarb

Next stopp: Uznach…Switzerland is beautiful…when Barbara Schlumpf picked us up from the train station and drove us to our hotel I was fascinated by the wonderful view and even more fascinated when I noticed that our hotel was in the middle of this beautiful landscape including happy cows as our neighbours!!! I had some time to take a walk and soak up all the fresh air…I took a nap and almost overslept soundcheck…I arrived at the beautiful and original venue that is very special in its own sweet way. It is managed by people who feel passionate about what they’re doing and who believe in music and you can feel that all around! We had an amazing dinner made by four gorgeous women who put all their love in the food, oh and we enjoyed every bite of it!!! Thank you Uznach for this wonderful night! For us as a band it was very special, I think we never played like that before, we had one of these night where the songs completely take over making us feel like a unit! The audience in Uznach was listening…all the time, sometimes I didn’t even want to break this beautiful silence and speak in between songs.

I was very happy to see familiar faces from our concert at Moods a couple of months before! At 00:00 it was mathias birthday and we sang and danced for him (there is this nursery rhyme that he loves - it’s called „I’m a little teapot“ and we all sang & did the teapot )! We had a wonderful time…I felt frisky and relaxed at the same time. ohhhhh I've gotta tell you - these first 10 minutes after a good concert are beyond words!!!!!!

I went to sleep after saying good night to our mooing neighbours, I miss you already, yours Lia!!!

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