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Schaffhausen (CH), Kammgarn

We started our winterjourney in Schaffhausen… in the most charming hotel I’ve ever been!!! It's called Park Villa and I immediately fell in love with it…it looked like a little castle up on the mountain. The moment you enter you're surrounded by wine and chococlates…I am not kidding, it’s true!!!! So I was all excited to be here and stayed in my room for as long as I could before soundcheck. Kammgarn is a beautiful venue managed by Hausi (and he is as nice as his name sounds)! As you know I am always nervous, each and everytime, but this time I was a little bit scared too, although I got to know the audience before the concert as I was introduced to them earlier with a short Interview. And they were supportive from the start. The thing was we made the decision to play the whole cycle of songs, which means 24 songs!!!And our premiere with Schubert's entire „Winter Journey“ started in Kammgarn. I was excited to play it all, because it felt right to go all the way, to do it all. But still I was worried and nervous if it would be too much…we started step by step, song after song – we walked through it – all together - with the wonderful audience - til the end…

I couldn’t believe how concentrated everyone in the room was…I was grateful for every second…Martin Ruch our Master of sound was with us and made us feel safe on stage! When we finished, we were all happy and tired – but before I went to bed – back at my beloved Park Villa, I ate as much chocolate with Fabian as I could to regain strength for our next journey!!!

Bonne nuit, yours Lia!

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