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München (DE), Unterfahrt

On the second of July we had our first concert in Germany! I was excited when we got on the train. Ingrid, Hans, mathias and me left Vienna at 10:30.

Fab was driving all the way by car and he brought aaaall our stuff including the big old heavy suitcase! The whole train ride I kept asking questions about old time Jazz cause I discovered the Lindy Hop community in Vienna. I had a performance with my tapdance friends there led by our amazing teacher Sabine Hasicka. If you wanna learn tapdance, that’s where you need to go!!! At this Lindy Hop party I got infected by the wonderful energy that comes along when people come together to swing! So Hans and mathias told me all about the girls and guys I have to listen to: Bix Beiderbecke, Sidney Bechet, Bessie Smith, Errol Garner, and many many more! When we arrived in Munich, lovely Kim picked us up and brought us to the Hilton. I was excited about so many tiny shower gels und tiny shampoo bottles, I couldn’t resist taking all of them with me. Soundcheck was nice and easy, thank you Robert! We had a great time on stage, although there was quite a scary moment when suddenly Fab’s soprano broke during his solo on „What would I miss among the sleepers“ – just like that…but he just kept moving forward playing with all his heart – I think nothing can stop Fab when he’s playing!!! Thank you to everybody who came out that night and supported us – especially amazing singer Anna Lauvergnac who by the way is the true inventor of the tour diary – as it turns out it was all her idea back in the days with the Vienna Art Orchestra! Dear Anna, thank you so much for coming and supporting us, we were so happy to see, hug and kiss you! Also thank you Claus for coming, mathias was a little more excited than usually when he found out that great piano player Mr. Raible was coming along with Anna.

We got back to the Hotel and I have to mention that I had the pleasure to drink the best rum I ever had – with Fab and Hans. Thank you, after that I was feeling very calm, warm and a little bit too dizzy. I fell asleep as soon as I got into bed. We had a tight schedule – Interview at 10:00 and back to Vienna at 11:27, we got there in time and off we went!

Bye Bye München, I hope to see you soon, yours Lia!

P.S.: Kurt Elling played at the Unterfahrt a couple of days later, I left a present backstage for him and wrote a letter, oh I sincerely hope he got it!!!

#LiaPale #mathiasrüegg

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