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Dornbirn (AT), Spielboden

I sometimes like these blurry mornings after having a great night - this special mood when you know you surrendered your sleep for a wonderful night. It’s the best version of being tired, I think : ).

Anyway, back on the train to Dornbirn I fell asleep ot once and woke up just in time to get out of the train. Peter picked us up and brought us to our hotel where we had time rest some more or do what we felt like doing. We had a quick and uncomplicated soundcheck, interrupted by a snack attack backstage as all of us were starving. And look what we found on the fridge and also on the wall backstage…that’s right – Vienna Art Orchestra it seems like you played here quite a lot.

Before the gig I was told to iron my blouse and as Fabulous Fab is pretty much good at everything he does, he did a wonderful job ironing my shirt. Thank you so much, in return I shared my scarf when we shared a cigarette outside after the gig : ) Dear Spielboden, you were an amazing audience. It is so hard to leave the stage when you experience an audience like the one at "Spielboden". Thank you so much for your openness and for giving us so much in return!!! As you know I do have a tendency to forget things and so I did in Dornbirn. Again I forgot to bring the hat to throw into the audience. But the audience forgave me and when it’s time to come back I’ll bring one extra to make up for the last time : ).

We enjoyed our dinner after the concert, chatting in an easy-after-gig-mood. As we were all sweating like crazy on stage we finally were cooling down. Thank you Peter for letting us be part in this wonderful Club. Again I woke up feeling my favourite kind of tiredness : ). mathias und I took the train back to Vienna, busy Fab left before us, cause he had things to do and the rest of the crew went back home with Martin Vetters and his bus. mathias and I arrived just in time to catch the dance-performance „Can you hear them dancing?“ at Porgy. It was a long day in the best sense. I am back home and can’t wait to be on the road again,

Yours Lia!

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