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music by Franz Schubert

poems by Wilhelm Müller

arrangements by mathias rüegg


1.) Good Night

2.) The Weathervane

3.) Frozen Tears
4.) Footprints Can’t Be Seen

5.) The Linden Tree
6.) Follow My Teardrops

7.) The Numbers And The Dates
8.) Backward Glance

9.) Ghost Light

10.) Rest

11.) The Rooster Woke Me

12.) Solitude

13.) The Post

14.) The Old Man

15.) The Crow

16.) Last Hope

17.) In The Village

18.) The Stormy Morning

19.) Illusion

20.) Road Of No Return

21.) The Tavern

22.) Courage

23.) The Phantom Suns


Line up:

Lia Pale: voc, piano (21) & flute (2,23,24)

Ingrid Oberkanins: percussion
Hans Strasser: bass

Fabian Rucker: reeds

mathias rüegg: arrangements, piano, melodica



Klaus Dickbauer: alto sax (18)

Sabine Hasicka: tap dance (13)

Roman Janoska: violin (22)

Joris Roelofs: clarinet (14)
Mario Rom: trumpet (1,10,12)


Lia Pale - A Winter's Journey op.89

Artikelnummer: 36523641234523
  • A Winter‘s Journey ist eine Adaption des berühmten Liederzyklus der Winterreise von Franz Schubert nach Gedichten von Wilhelm Müller. Er besteht aus 24 Liedern neu arrangiert von mathias rüegg und interpretiert von Lia Pale . Dieses Album verbindet Schuberts Ästhetik mit der Harmonik und Rhythmik des Jazz.


    A Winter‘s Journey is a new adaption of the famous cycle of songs „Winterreise“ with compositions by Franz Schubert and poems by Wilhelm Müller. All of the 24 songs were arranged by mathias rüegg and interpreted by the singer Lia Pale. A new kind of Schubert‘s Winterreise combining classical structures with rhythm and colours of Jazz.


    „A Schubert Tune with a Gershwin Touch"

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