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Tonhalle Düsseldorf (DE), Schumannfest 2024

When the stars align and you find yourself surrounded by flowers then it must be Schumannfest 🌺! We all met at the airport right after our night at the Porgy & Bess in Vienna. All a bit tired but in good spirits and looking forward to meeting everyone from the Schumannfest in Düsseldorf. I think around 10 months ago mathias and I started to write with their incredible team sharing countless emails with wonderful Maja Plüddemann and Uwe Sommer-Sorgente, who are responsible for making it all happen and inviting us to this special festival. All of us felt welcome from the first moment and also we all looooved the artwork especially the poster of me with the flowers that was all over Düsseldorf!

Dear Maja, thank you for your patience and amazing work. It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you! And Uwe, how cool you googled ‘Schumann & jazz’ and found our version of ‘Mondnacht’ and decided right then and there to invite us. That’s just insane and we loved every second being a part of this magnificent festival. It was a sold out show and maybe it was the flowers, maybe it was the romantic vibes of it all but we were all really feelin’ it from the very first note we played. To be completely honest it might have been one of our best concerts so far. Also as always thanks to our trusted sound magician Thomas Egger, who is always taking care of us! Hans was groovin’, Ingrid was rockin’, Stano played an insane solo over ‘Mut’ , mathias was letting go and I was diving in. I felt at ease and open, less scared to take risks and these are the moments where I feel things moving, transforming and I can connect with myself and through that with the beautiful audience that night. I swear sometimes I truly believe that music is some sort of emotional, universal alchemy. Thank you to everyone coming out (I was surprised by dear friends who have known me since foreeever!!!) and celebrating the love for songs, poems and flowers. Also it was Japanday in Düsseldorf and when we went back to the hotel through the park we saw fireworks, I’m not kidding : )! It was a night that keeps on giving and for that I’m truly grateful. Thank you Schumannfest 2024, next time I’ll bring the flowers!

‘It was as if the sky had gently kissed the earth’

Yours Lia



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