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Lübeck (DE) - Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival

Second time around at Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival and we all were looking forward to playing our Brahms Song Book as part of this exceptional festival. Dear Frank Siebert and Freddy thank you both for inviting us and taking us to dinner with wonderful rosemary bread and pasta. It is such an honour and joy to be a part of SHMF!!!From the moment we sat foot on festival ground we were taken care of in the most respectful and kindest way. We were picked up by Maria and whatever we needed she either showed us, or told us or took care of everything without us noticing. Thank you so much for everything! And Lübeck!!!Let’s talk about this beautiful city – the ‘Holstentor’, the beautiful old town, water everywhere…we all decided that one day we have to come back with lots of time on our hands to get to know the city better. We arrived pretty early, so we had enough time to walk around town, grab a bite to eat and/or sleep, some of us managed to sleep 3 whole hours : )!!!

And with us was our one and only Mr T - sound engineer of our hearts : )!So whatever challenges we might face on a stage, Thomas Egger always finds a way to make us feel comfortable on stage. The venue was exceptional and so was the audience – thank you for teaching me ‘en büschen’ dialect. We played our Brahms and our Brahms played us : ) we all agree that it might be the most challenging programme of our Kunstlied trilogy and that is a good thing. It keeps us more than 100% engaged and always finds new ways to challenge our musicianship. I love this programme so much – especially when we have Mario Rom on trumpet with us – some songs just open up and start flying or he starts flying on top : ). Either way there's flying involved : ) ‘Faith in Love’ or ‘Resonance’ really took off and we enjoyed every second of it.

With an audience like this, it is not easy to say goodbye and finally leave the stage but after my favourite ballad ‘Mondnacht’ by Robert Schumann I did and I got the chance to meet and greet so many of you afterwards! I can only hope we’ll be back soon, real soon 🧡 yours truly Lia


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