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Theater Akzent (AT), The Other Way Around & The Brahms Song Book

„The Other Way Around“ - Premiere & „The Brahms Song Book“ - Album Release

I woke up, already feeling very excited, I think it has something to do with my stage fright : ) and I am always extra nervous when we play in Vienna. For the first time we played in a different venue, not at our beloved Porgy & Bess, but this time in the charming theatre at Theresianumgasse called Theater Akzent. Thank you to Wolfgang Sturm for inviting us and letting us include our Brahms Song Book so spontaneously : )! As you know we recorded our final album of our „Kunstlied“ Trilogie in December and so we decided to play „The Other Way Around“ with magnificent Oliver Schnyder in the first set and our „Brahms Song Book“ in the second set. Joris Roelofs came all the way from Amsterdam and he told us afterwards that it was actually his 35th birthday!!!!! Again Happy Birthday Joris : )! Before we started, ORF came by for a quick interview for a TV report in the ZIB/Kulturwoche on the following Sunday. My family and many dear friends were in the audience that night - I am so grateful to celebrate „The Other Way Around“ - premiere and our Brahms with all of you. I enjoyed the first set with Oliver very much - especially Angel Eyes : )! mathias has arranged beautiful Jazzstandards for Oliver and me and it was our third official concert. Oliver's many colours and incredible soundclouds inspire me everytime. It is an honor to play with you O! We started with "The Ballad Of Sad Young Men" , continued with "April in Paris" and "My Ship" in a waltz version : ). And I think it was Breakfast at Tiffany's "Moon River" that brought me to cats : ) - dear Oli, please forgive me for telling personal cat stories on stage : )! I started "Someday I wish upon a star " during "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" twice : ) but I think this phrase always fits ; )!Oh how much I enjoyed our encore "Bye bye Blackbird"

Thank you for the music dear O!

It was a little bit of a challenge for me to switch from an intimate duo to our powerful Brahms in the second set, but let me tell you that changing the outfit helps : ) and hearing the band cookin‘ in "Liebestreu" from the very start helped me get in the groove : )! Once more we had extraordinary Anna Bux and her whistling powers with us in „Sleeping Beauty“. Oh and what an exciting version of „Du mein einzig Licht“ - thanks to Hans Strasser on bass and Joris Roelofs who played a wonderful duo chorus : ), oh yes!!! And now it is time for all the thank yous regarding our Brahms Album that is finally out there: Harald Tautscher and his passionate Lotus Records, Aurelia Roher for her wonderful drawings in the booklet, Christoph Burgstaller for recording, mixing, repairing and mastering, Anne Gabriel for her inspiring translation-input, Mr T our live sound engineer and last but not the least, LE BAND – Ingrid, Streets and mathias rüegg! Thank you for seven years and 55!!!songs : )! What a journey!

We chose „No House, No Home“ to close our Brahms Set featuring the wonderful percussionist Ingrid Oberkanins. We picked a fast tempo that pushed us further and further : ) – what a song! After three encores including Schubert‘s Post & Schumann‘s „Mondnacht“ it was time to meet and greet all of youuu : ). Looking for drinks & food in the 4th district on a Thursday Night can be quite tricky, so our search led us to Café Europa and its famous : ) „Knödel mit Ei“. It was Oli‘s first Knödel mit Ei experience and I sincerely hope he liked it : )! We had one last rounds of drinks, toasting to Brahms & music before we all went back to our house & home : ).

Seven years & 55 songs – what a journey!!!

I‘m off to California for the next couple of weeks - let the sunshine in : ), yours Lia!

P.S.: here is lovely review of our concert: READ MORE

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