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Wädenswil (CH), 21.Musikullus

I‘m back home from a wonderful weekend in Wädenswil. It‘s right at the lake Zurich and mathias & I spent the weekend being a part of the 21 first Musikullus of Philipp Bachofner & Brita Ostertag. I tell you it is wonderfully crazy happening that happens only once a year : )! We played two nights in a row for the charming guests of this festive occasion including an incredible five-course-meal (cooked by the organizer himself Philipp! Can you believe it? He‘s a flute player & a cook : )!!!). There was wonderful wine, tasty beer, sugarless desert for mathias (the best mango pudding I had so far) and Lily, the cat. mathias and I rehearsed many, many different songs for this extraordinary occasion – some from Schubert, some songs of the Vienna Art Orchestra like "Voltaire“ and „Insecurity is the secret of eternal youth“, to songs from our second album (yes the one with the boobies on the cover : ) ) „my poet‘s love“ like „One who for the first time loves“ and „In between Day & Dream“, some Schumann songs and of course some songs of our very latest „Brahms Song Book“. So we had plenty to choose from and we mostly decided on our final setlists very spontaniously : )! Once mathias even changed an arrangement spontaniously in the middle of playing : ) - during „Only the girls“ after my flute solo – straight back to the chorus : ). We enjoyed our duo sets a lot, it gave us time, space and open ears to try out new things and play around with what we know, especially for me & my bass flute : ). I try to include the bass flute more and more and I'm glad that I took some risks including a solo in "Schwermut" : ). It may have been the most attentive audience we've met so far, because they noticed that mathias had changed his scarf and his socks for the second set - and they noticed!!! Socks!!! We couldn't believe it : ), a great reminder to choose the accessories on stage carefully : )!

Dear Brita, dear Philipp thank you so much for your support and trust! Thank you for having us once more! Aaaand thank you for the „Zürisee Entli“, my red roses and mathias‘ mini lint roller : )!

See you soon : ), yours Lia!

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