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Lunz (AT), Wellenklaenge

I think I was asleep for two days straight : ) - after our concert at the Festival Wellenklänge in Lunz. It was the last concert of our summer and I was so excited, happy and sad at the same time. This month, our recordings, our concerts, it all meant so much to me and so did this concert as it stood for the end of our July...anyways : ) we had plenty of time as Lunz is about 2 ½ hours away from Vienna. mathias, Hans, Ingrid, Fabian and Martin were already soundchecking when I got there. I knew that this stage was something special and that it is supposed to be IN the lake, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it. It looked incredible!!!!Right IN the lake we were gonna play surrounded by water, fish and meadows!!!The people took great care of us and we had our dressing rooms in the dressing rooms of the lovely old open air bath.We started at 8, right on time and we played while the sun went down. I didn’t notice that the stage was floating and moving all the time...I guess I felt like I was floating the whole day, so to me it didn’t make any difference if the ground was actually moving or not : )!In the beginning, on the other hand, mathias was worried about getting seasick, I had no idea what he meant when he told me later. I have to admit that I kept thinking about the encore and my secret plan : ), yes yes yes of course I had to at least think about jumping into the water from the stage, I mean first of all a little bit of Rock’n’Roll never hurt anyone and second of all I didn’t know when I would be playing on a stage like Arielle again : ). So I decided to jump into the water with all my clothes on right on the last kick of our last song!The only one I told about my idea was mathias and Dagmar from Wellenklänge so that they could make a picture if I don’t back out. The band had no idea and when mathias started to play „The post“ I was sure, so very sure and so I jumped!!!And it felt gooooood, it was a moment where you feel time stands still, just for a second - wide eyes of the audience, the laughter and excitement, I will never forget this moment, I felt alive! I got flowers and blankets and tried to change as fast I could. We had a wonderful dinner and went to bed not too late...although I couldn’t sleep, my thoughts were spinning around in my head, circling around this incredible summer, the people I met, the songs I sang, the places I’ve seen.As mathias is into trains we went back on a waggon from 1880, „Ybbstalbahn“, he was smiling all the time and I was too : ) I think I am gonna sleep for two more days and then back to the studio to finish our album...

Do nothing til you hear from me : ), yours Lia!

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