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Bratislava (SVK), Jazz Days

The ship was supposed to leave at 9:00 but when mathias got there...there was no ship due to change of plans: Fabian, mathias and I went by train! And after a little while we arrived in Bratislava and we got taken care of immediately. We were brought straight to the venue, we had an early soundcheck...and when I saw that stage!!!!!!!!!It was the first time for me to play on such a huge stage and the screen behind us!!!!...I was excited, scared but couldn’t wait to get on there. Everyone was so sweet and the soundcheck was calm and stress-free. The festival was huge and the audience wonderful...we played for 45 minutes and it felt like 5!The first few moments during Barefoot on the Snowbank suddenly mathias stopped playing...he had a black out for a moment but returned right away, though he stopped one more time during our set when something with his monitor wasn't right...but again he got right back in while we kept playing : )!

We were followed by Joe Locke and theeeeen...Mister John Scofield feat. Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart took was the first time for me to hear them live and I am very glad I finally did : )!!!! While enjoying the festival vibe : ) I finally met Jana Dekankova, the charming singer of Fats Jazz Band We have been writing for quiet some time, she interviewed me and now we met in person : ) you should see her incredible outfits and of course hear her sing!!!They will perform in Vienna on the 21st of November at a Lindy Hop event, that you should not miss!!!!Come come come!!!ohhhh also we were making top secret plans regarding a collaboration with many many many string instruments, if you know what I mean...I will let you know as soon as I can ; )!!!

After the concert of the John Scofield Trio, we went back to our hotel. We stayed at the wonderful Carlton Hotel in the city center and enjoyed their bar and cocktails : ). I was able to get a little bit of sleep although I was still so fussy from everything that was going on! When my wake up call woke me up, it was almost impossible to open my eyes and get out of the cosy and comfortable bed with all the white pillows...

OH Bratislava, if you let me, I will be back soooon, soon, soon, I cannot wait!

Yours Lia!

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