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Zürich (CH), Exil

OH my, I think I am still out of breath from my morning sprint on that day : )...I forgot my passport and I had to run from trainstation St.Marx back to my place in the 6th district, back to the airport in 70 min!!!I couldn‘t believe it!!! Luckily our flight was 20 min delayed and this was exactly the time I needed to be back for boarding!!!I was so exhausted and relieved and I‘m thinking about getting an ID that fits in my wallet : )! Other than that we had a comfortable journey and plenty of time to get to Zürich and to our venue „Exil“. It was founded by the one and only Nik Bärtsch, I am sure you have heard of his band „Ronin“...if not you have to check it out, it is truly inspiring!And if you can, try to catch them live, they are one of a kind and you will be stunned, I promise : )! I love Switzerland, I really of the many reasons is of course because it is the country where Chaplin lived : ) but there are so many mooore! I love their language and believe it or not, I am constantly trying to improve my Swiss German, working especially on my vocabulary : ): Chrättli, Chriesichüechli, Chätzli! We stayed at the hotel, just around the corner of the venue and Scofield was staying there as well who played in the club opposite the „Exil“ : )!The soundcheck was very uncomplicated and relaxed, as usual when Mister Thomas Egger is around : ) and thank you so much Thomas for driving aaaall the way from Vienna to Zürich and all the back! The SRF was recording our „Robert Schumann Songbook“ that night, which will be broadcasted in January, we are very excited about that!!! Thank you Peter Bürli for making this possible, we very much appreciate it! I absoluetly liked the fact that for the first time, we were playing in a room with a wonderful discoball : )The friendly crew prepared the room and took care of us. I really liked the very personal and intimate atmosphere and also the backstage room was filled with movies on videocassettes from another decade : )! I loved it! We started at 19:30 and I was happy to see many friends among the was a very personal and private evening and the candles made it even more so : ). We had a great time on stage and there are always songs that I especially can‘t wait to play, like „Zornig ist das Mädchen“, we had the perfect tempo for this one that night : )oh yes it was groooovin‘ or „Morgens steh ich auf und frage“ where I just love what Mario is doing during his solo chorus and my favourite ballad „Widmung“, I could sing it over and over again! Ingrid, Hans – as always steady as a rock – what a wonderful feeling to play with you, every single time! mathias very much likes the dark ballad „Es stürmet am Abendhimmel“, and so do we : ) - he played a wonderful dark solo within...Thank you to our dear friends who came out that night...Roli, Elisabeth, Jeannine (thank you so much for our wonderful music lesson the next day!), Jean, was such a pleasure to seeing you all again! I sincerely hope to be back soon, yours Lia!

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