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Klangraum Waidhofen (AT) - Kristallsaal Schloss Rothschild

It was the day after our premiere at the Porgy, the second time we played our Schumann Songbook in front of an audience and it was the second time we were invited to play in Waidhofen an der Ybbs. It is a beautiful town in Lower Austria with a magnificent castle in the middle of town „Schloss Rothschild“. Thomas Bieber is the artistic director and responsible for the wonderful program they have every year. We were honoured to have the chance to play our Schumann Songbook in the extraordinary „Kristallsaal“ of the castle that I believe has the best acoustics for singers : ). It is pure pleasure to sing within this walls that carry every note right to the end of the room. With us for the very first time was our soloist of the night Stanislav Paluch from Bratislava on violine!OH and it was such a pleasure to play with you Stano!!!Thank you for your inspiring solos!!!Thomas Egger once more was taking care of us and our sound in a wonderful way!Merci Thomas!!! We felt really good while playing, it was the second time to play „The Schumann Songbook“ and as we just started our first concert the day before it felt wonderful to have the chance to play it right the next day once more to discover Schumann‘s songs live in front of such an attentive audience. The rhythm section mathias, Hans and Ingrid were cookin‘ : )!What a solo Hans within the „bassuite“ ; ) „Herbstlied“, what a solo Ingridiii in „Ich hab‘ im Traum geweinet“, what a solo Stano in „Widmung“ and what a wonderful dark solo in the wonderful dark song „Es stürmet am Abendhimmel“ from mathias. We kind of knew what to expect : ) and I mean it in the best way, an exceptional audience that gives so much supportive feedback from the very start and listens with open ears and open hearts! Thank you Waidhofen!You were wonderful!!! And after the concert an exceptional dinner within the magic house from the 15th century!!! of Mister Bieber, where Johanna had prepared a mind blowing dinner for us : )!

Thank you for this incredible night with so many beautiful people! Just so you know, we are ready to come back any time : )!OH and give the cutest dog Amy a big kiss from me!!!

Yours Lia!

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