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Vöcklabruck (AT)

"my poet's love"

It was the first days of spring in Vienna and let me tell you Vienna is the most beautiful in spring : ). We had a good rehearsal the day before our show and it was the first time that we played our „poet’s love“ with Mister Fabian Rucker. And it felt as if we had been playing these tunes together all along. For me it was an extremely challenging rehearsal as well as concert because it was the first time for me that I had really really bad cold while having rehearsals and concerts. Honestly I wasn't sure if I was able to perform. I did what I could - from eating tons of fruits, to drinking ginger lemon honey tea and inhaling three times a day…I somehow decided to go for it and thats what we did. We travelled to Vöcklabruck, a cute little town in Upper Austria and found ourselves in a beautiful hall with especially good acoustics for the soundcheck. Thomas Egger, our man of the sound, helped me with his magic to support me and my voice - thank youuu! We started right on time and it was good : ). It felt so good to be back on stage and after the first couple of songs I started to feel better, it felt like singing actually cleaned my sinuses and I enjoyed our set with all my heart. Thank you Hans, Ingrid, Fabian and mathias for the last minute change of the setlist to help me with my cold!You were wonderful!And thank you to everyone who came out that night and shared their evening with us. Powerlady Miss Simone Zaunmair, organizer of this night, is an incredible woman with a variety of talents and she uses them all, from leading her own Big Band to hunting and everything in between : )! We have known each other for quite some time from the brass bands we used to play in Upper Austria and we were very excited to be play in Vöcklabruck. Thank you Simone for inviting us and for this wonderful evening! I loved my room in the hotel Auerhahn…it had the most wonderful blue flower lamps and the next morning I woke up, feeling a little bit better so I could dance while brushing my teeth!brush and dance and dance and brush : )!

I hope to be back soon - for one must believe in spring : )!

Yours Lia!

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