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Puchberg (AT), Schloß Puchberg

What an incredible venue!!!What an incredible summer night!!!The stage was set beneath beautiful Lindentrees surrounding a fountain in the middle of the breathtaking castle „Schloss Puchberg“. This evening meant so much to me. We were invited by charming Miss Gabriele Hofer-Stelzhammer and it felt like this castle is filled with and led by strong, beautiful ladies : )! Thank you to everyone who took care of us, making us feel at home from the very first moment!Dear Gabriele, it was an incredible night for us, and we all want to thank you for inviting us and giving us the chance to play underneath these Lindentrees!

„Und eine Linde ist mein Lieblingsbaum; und alle Sommer, welche in ihr schweigen, rühren sich wieder in den tausend Zweigen und wachen wieder zwischen Tag und Traum.“ R.M. Rilke

It was the first time for us to play „my poet’s love“ in Upper Austria, one could say it was our premiere in my hometown. (Hans is from Buchkirchen, so it was his home as well : )). Our sound engineer of the night was once more Thomas Egger and he had a special task to fulfill before hit the stage...When Gabriele started to welcome everyone (especially my mom : ))...out of the blue: the microphone died...and Mr Egger had to solve the mistery and find the solution as fast as he could, and he DID!Thank you Thomas!!!I am very sorry about the wonderful Neumann that gave up. Ohhh and we had a special guest with us, oh yeees: Mister Herwig Gradischnig was our soloist on the tenor and baritone saxophone. It was our first concert together and it was an honour to play with him!!! Thank you Hank for your dedication to every single song!!!And also I want to apologize one more time for spilling red wine all over your pants in the middle of the night... Because I cannot say it enough: Thank you Hans, thank you Ingrid, thank you mathias – for me there is only you three, for your beat is my beat : )!!! On stage, time flew by...dear audience, thank you for your incredible energy...and I still can’t believe that a bird started to sing along with me : ) and that we all noticed it at the same time!!!To play at this venue with an audience like this...what can I say...we ended our set with my favourite encore in the world: „Ich will meine Seele tauchen“ by Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine.

I am still overwhelmed that I got to meet so many of you!!!My family was there and so many familiar faces and so many new faces, I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and everyone! The night was warm and had just begun...Miss Gabriele led us to our dining room in the castle and on our way through the hallways we got to see some of the stunning chambers! We stayed up til it got cold sitting outside next to the lindentrees, drinking red wine and Schlägl beer : )!

I went to sleep a little tipsy and with a smile on my face...I woke up with a headache and with the same smile on my face : )!

I cannot wait to come back home again, yours Lia!

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