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Lech (AT), Tanzcafé Arlberg

It takes about 6 hours from Vienna to Lech. Mathias and I went by train, Fabian, Ingrid and Hans arrived by car. We all got there the night before our concert. And by we all, I mean none other than „5/8erl in Ehr'n“, pianist one-of-a-kind Joja Wendt and us. Lech is located at the foot of the Arlberg – far up high (1500m) you are surrouned by a stunning mountain chain and refreshing cool air. The next morning the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. Soundcheck was at 12:00 and we went up the hill to the venue „Hotel Aurelio“. What can I say, it is hard to describe this place...we took some pictures, so you can see for yourself...The Venue is called Tanzcafè Arlberg and they released their sampler on that night and invited some of the featured artists. 5/8terl in Ehren played an open-air! concert in the afternoon...yes, they does!!! We started at around 21:15 with an introduction by Herr Tischbein and we almost enirely played unplugged as this place had the right size to do that and because all of you were sitting so close to me : ), we were able to play in that intimate way and I can tell you, we loved it! Thank you for coming all the way from Brazil : ) and anywhere else to spend this evening with us! High energy pianist Joja Wendt, who we met and bonded on the first night, ended this evening with a fulminant finale that led into one big party with every single one!!!!Dear Joja, thank you for all the kind words and support, thousand hugs from Fab, Ingrid, Hans, mathias and me!!!Joja and I share the same passion for Lindy Hop, can you imagine : )?So we played one of my favourite songs „On Revival Day“ - we played and danced and Joja invited everyone to join him on stage – in the end we all performed together!!!Fab and Hans were on fire and the Brazilian crowd sang „The Girl from Ipanema“ while Ingrid played a percussion solo on the piano!It was as crazy as it sounds. Afterwards we moved on - to the incredible Bar at Hotel Aurelio, where Mister Pfefferkorn took care of us all night long!!!Thank you to Frank Heuck for bringing us together! Right now, I am sitting on the train back to Vienna, very tired and excited at the same time. My thoughts keep spinning round the last couple of days and the days to come – video shoot, photo shoot,paintings...everything for our new album!!!I don’t know how we are gonna do this in three days, but we have to make it work. And I will keep you posted of course : )!!!

Thousand kisses, Lia!

P.S.: Lech is in Vorarlberg NOT in Tirol : )!

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