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Waidhofen/Ybbs (AT), Kristallsaal

Where do I start? Maybe at the end? After our concert Thomas Bieber invited us to his amazing home where we were surrounded by wonderful people. First of all I would like to say thank you...thank you for this feast!Thank you for the delicious wine, thank you for the „Krautfleckerl“ and thank you for inviting us to play in this wonderful castle.

I/We didn’t expect this...we were all tired and a little bit stressed at the soundcheck, we arrived at around 14:30 in Waidhofen and our concert started at 18:00...time passed so quickly (there was almost no time to grab a bite). The mood at the soundcheck wasn't too bright : ) and after a tiny break we found ourselves on stage shortly...again with a great sound (and again thank you Burgi) and sometimes it happens that the band is especially tight, you can't control it , it just happens and when it does it feels as if everything is the way it’s supposed to feels free and close at the same time. It was one of those nights and we were grateful and enjoyed our time on stage so very much. The energy in the room was driving us on and on...happy and excited from all this - I already told you where we ended up : ). But I didn’t tell you who ended up with us...

I had the chance to meet the extraordinary author Barbara Pachl-Eberhart, who moved me with her strenght, honesty and warmth. I deeply admire her. Mister Ulrich Reinthaler, an incredible actor, shared this evening with us. Along with mayor Werner Krammer and principal of the music school Walter Reitbauer. Of course there were all of us meaning – Ingrid, Hans, Fabian, mathias, Burgi and me – and last but not least Wolfgang Lamprecht, who shared his special dancing skills with us : )! OH and Amy, Mister Biber’s dog!!!I had a wonderful time!

All my love to you Waidhofen, yours Lia!

P.S.: If you come to Waidhofen: this is the place to stay,I promise you, you will love it!!!!

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