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Chur (CH), Jazz Club Chur

I woke up feeling pretty tired and good. I enjoyed breakfast and after saying goodbye to Park Villa in Schaffhausen we went off to Chur! The great thing about the venue in Chur was, that the hotel was in the same building where the concert was. Which gives the afterparty an especially relaxed atmosphere : )! Sometimes I feel so tired and exhausted before a concert that I don’t know how to do it – it’s a weird thing but as soon as you go on stage, you suddenly feel energy crawling up your spine – carrying you through the evening – I'm sure it has something to do with adrenaline but it feels like magic! I felt that way in Chur, I had a headache and felt exhausted from the top of my head to my toes – but when I heard Ingrid and Hans starting off with the intro –I followed them…I know I always say the same thing about the audience, but what can I do, everytime they are amazing, and in Chur I fell in love with everyone from the start! Maybe also because a close friend Roli Wismer was sitting right in front me and maybe because in a way mathias started off in music in Chur ( I can’t believe that his first band was called Love, Peace and Happiness : ) ). I heard this stunning speech of Amanda Palmer about her audience and she says it is always about giving and receiving! Her words were very inspiring to me, because I feel they are entirely true. When you sing, you trust your audience, you want to give them what you have – and when they start to trust you, they will give back more than you can hope for…maybe this is where the magic of performing live comes from : ) Anyway we had a wonderful night. After the concert we sat and talked with Andrea Engi and got to know about the history of this venue…I couldn’t believe it – Art Blakey, Benny Golson, Clark Terry, Jimmy Cobb and many many more played there!!! I looked at all the pictures while enjoying my red wine : )! Though Fabian set off the firealarm (I still can’t believe it : )) everyone was warm and welcoming and you can only leave thinking you’d come back for sure, yours Lia!

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