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St.Pölten (AT), Jazz im Hof

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when we met at the trainstation. A. Bahadir Gokce and his friend were on board with us to shoot a live video of our concert. The Festival „Jazz im Hof“ was hosted by Caroline Berchotteau and I’m pretty sure co-hosted by her charming daughters and their cute smiles. The stage was placed in the baroque garden of the Museum of St.Pölten – we started to play at sunset, it was beautiful ( thank you Martin Vetters for the great great sound – you know how Mr. Neumann makes me happy everytime) – it was amazing to play open air in this garden on a beautiful summer night with a wonderful audience like this. Including the sweet girls in the front row, who left their seats a couple of times but only to get cocoa, as they explained to me after the concert : ). Our concert was followed by „Livemodul“ with great Lorenz Raab on the trumpet. They sounded really good, but we couldn't watch the whole concert because we had a train to catch - back to Vienna. I was all excited to play, I have to admit that I missed everybody dearly over the hot hot summer weeks and I especially missed playing with them! Thank you Ingrid for bringing tapdance shoes, I can’t believe I lost mine, they just dissappeared and I don’t know why or how…I got my „real“ tap shoes 3 weeks ago, but I can’t walk in them yet, they need time to get soft and danceable. So they and I are still not ready to hit the stage but thanks to Ingrid I could dance my 16 bars the way I always do.

I am looking forward to our live recordings, we just started to work with Bahadir after we saw his great work

He also made our new video „My faithful walking staff“ and we are hoping to give you a live impression of our evening in St.Pölten as soon as possible.

Before our soundcheck we had enough time to explore the museum – of course mathias would get all inspired to make pictures for our tourdiary. As you know, he always has a masterplan : ). And I still have to smile when I think about Hans, when he told me the story about the giant who lives in New Orleans „Der Riese haust in New Orleans“…We had such a great time – Thank you St.Pölten for having us and thank you for being such an amazing audience.

I hope to see you soon, yours Lia!

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